Peer Baba Mosafer Mausoleum – Kerman

Peer Baba Mosafer Mausoleum – Kerman


This structure is located in Shahdad (Kerman) and is also known as Khaneqah-e-Aqoos, Aqoos Kelisa (church) or Peer-e-Mosafer. The same comprises of walls, a court-yard, entrance and a domed chamber. This mausoleum is a relic of the 7th century AH. In an ancient book written in the 10th century AH., a vicinity by the name of Aqoos and its structures has been mentioned. This book has also mentioned a personality by the name of Baba Mosafer Konji, who had come to Shahdad anonymously and had lived there. Moreover, it has been stated that the tomb of the above mentioned is in the Khaneqah constructed by Hazrat Khajeh Ekhtiyareddin Abdol Qader Kermani. The structure of the mausoleum is on historical record

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