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To simplify the booking process, there is no need to register! All you have to do is fill in your name and a valid email. It is important that your email address is correct and accurate as there may be correspondence between us and you during the reservation process. Also, notifications about your reservation are made through email. For each reservation, you will receive a tracking code that you can enter in the booking status section to know the status of your reservation. Moreover, if you want to see all your current and previous reservations, you can see them all in your dashboard at any time by creating an account.

Find and book Hotels

If you know the name, go to home page and search it. If not, click here and you will see all hotels which are categorized by cities. Once you have found it, check the information, select number of rooms and click Reserve button. You can submit your booking without resgistration but it is required to enter a valid Email address as we need to contact you during reservation process. You can create an account and manage your current and previous bookings anytime.

How to find and book Tours

Just like hotels, you can search and find what you are looking for. Also you can design your own tour! Click here to enquire custom and tailor made tours.

How to request other travel services

It is possible to request almost everything you may need to travel to Iran! Just contact us and let's know what you need.  


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