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Travital was born from the idea that customers deserve service. Whether you are simply buying chewing gum at a local store or a new dress for a wedding, customer service is paramount. Unfortunately with the streamlining and automation of the travel industry, at Travital we feel that customer service has been lost! We also believe there is a big misconception when it comes to booking a holiday – people often think that if it hasn’t been booked from a large online travel website, they aren’t getting the best deal, or the best price – the truth is travel providers such as travel agents, tour operators, incoming operators, and destination management companies can in fact compete. Here at Travital we are connecting customers to our travel agents and hotels directly. Our aim is to assist travelers getting the best deal and the best price for their next trip and bring requests to all travel providers easily. Our next goal is to become the most up-to-date source for traveling in Iran and make online services a definitive superior to offline services in the field of tourism. We await the day that Travital is reminiscent of happy traveling for tourists all around the world.
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