A 48-Hour Trip to Shiraz

A 48-Hour Trip to Shiraz

What can we do during the 48-hour trip to Shiraz ?!

Many have called Fars province the birthplace of ancient Iranian civilization. Shiraz, the center of art in this province, is also called the city of Iranian poetry, literature and gardens. The people of Shiraz welcome domestic and foreign tourists with their special warmth and hospitality. If you ask any foreign tourist about these people, you will hear his positive comments about them. Traveling to the empire of ancient Iran as well as the world of literature and great poets of Iranian history, is the best thing you can do in 48 hours on a trip to Shiraz and of course around it. Take this short 48-hour trip to this city and also the possibility of booking a hotel in Shiraz with Travital.

The first 24 hours

Quran Gate

Shiraz Quran Gate, a gateway to the city of oranges

With the numerous historical and cultural sites in Shiraz and also outside of this city, you will have a lot to do in 48 hours! We suggest you spend the first day out of town and go to the world of ancient Iran and its great empire. Since you will spend most of the first day in the warm sun of Fars province make sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and of course plenty of water and snacks.

Pasargadae, the capital of Iran during the Achaemenid period (c. 550-330 BC)

This place is the tomb of the great Achaemenid king Cyrus, the royal garden of Pasargadae, the Achaemenid palaces, the tomb of Cambyses, and so on. Pasargadae is a magnificent and very important ancient site that you must see.
About 50 km south of the ancient site of Pasargadae, is the most famous historical site of Iran and another Achaemenid capital called Persepolis. After entering the glorious gate of the nations of Persepolis you can travel through the history and put yourself in shoes of representatives from other countries who brought gifts to the king. The magnificent carvings of the stairs and walls of this area and the beautiful motifs of the lotus flower and the Iranian soldiers will surely delight any tourist, whether domestic or foreign.
perspolice The Persepolis


Continue your journey in history in Naghsh-e Rostam. Here is the rocky mechanism that the great Achaemenid kings, including Darius the Great, rested on. The Kaaba of Zoroaster, which seems to be a kind of fire temple, is located in front of these burial mounds. The distance between this place and Rajab's role is very short, you can definitely visit this place as well.

The second 24 hours (In the morning)

Now that you have passed the history lesson yesterday, it's time to sit in the Iranian culture class! Everyone enjoys watching the sunrise, but we suggest that you spend this morning watching the sunlight dance at the Nasir Al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz or the Pink Mosque, instead of watching the sunrise. Here, the sunlight passes through the colored glass of the mosque and sits on the pure Persian carpets. Every corner of the mosque is a great location for photography. Of course, when you enter this mosque you don't want to leave it anymore!

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz

Nasir Al-molk Mosque Nasir Al-Molk Mosque

Vakil Bazaar

If you manage to get out of this mosque, continue your journey to Shiraz and walk along Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street to Vakil Bazaar. In this market your eyes will be amazed by jewelry stores and rugs and the smell of spices will draw you into the booths. You are now in a place known as Zandieh. Visit the mosque and its beautiful tiles, as well as the historical bath of Vakil Shiraz. At this stage and after these visits, it is better to think a little about your stomach. Sarai-e-Mehr traditional dining hall in this bazaar is a good option for lunch.
vakil bazaar Vakil Bazaar

Shiraz Lawyer Market, Evening time

Resting is Enough! The tourist attractions of Shiraz are not complete! In the afternoon, we suggest visiting the historical monument of Karim Khan Arg, which has been remembered since Zandieh's time. Despite the lovely courtyard full of citrus trees and a central pool, it's a little hard to say there was once a prison here! Don't forget to watch the valuable tiles that show the poems of Shahnameh.
karim khan Arg Karim Khan Citadel in Shiraz

Karim Khan Citadel of Shiraz

Continue your trip to Shiraz, go to one of the gardens registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, called Eram Garden in Shiraz. Inside this lush garden, in addition to towering trees and beautiful flowers, there is a magnificent mansion with beautiful tiled decorations.
eram garden Eram Garden

Shiraz Eram Garden

At sunset

End your trip to Shiraz by spending the night with two famous Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi. All Iranians love these two great poets in a strange way. Hafez's tomb is always full of foreign and domestic tourists who have traveled to Shiraz to pay their respects to this great person. Don't forget to get a fortune teller paper in this place. Saadi's tomb is a little more secluded at sunset and enables you to be a little secluded with Saadi's heartwarming anecdotes. Golestan and Bustan are two great poem books from Saadi. Not surprisingly, Saadi's poem "Bani Adam" was written at the top of United Nations gate in New York City. Our trip to Shiraz, or rather our 48-hour trip to Shiraz ends here, but there are still countless historical and natural attractions that we could not lose them. If you have ever been in shiraz or any of these places please share us your memory or experience in a comment in below. Thanks for reading this article in Travital.
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