A guide to travel to Kashan

A guide to travel to Kashan

Where is Kashan?

Kashan is an old and beautiful city, located on 220 kilometers to south of Tehran province. Situated between the Karkas Mountains and the central desert of Iran, it has a warm and desert climate, but in this warm and desert city you beautiful and good smelled flowers are grown that could be an evidence for the city's boundless charm. Of course, this city doesn’t just include flowers and plants, and it has some valuable monuments, such as the Silk Hills, which are estimated to be as old as 7000 archaism. The interesting point about Kashan is that it has been able to maintain its historical texture and become less modern. To travel to this city you need information on its tourist attractions, resorts as well as good restaurants in Kashan that we intend to discuss in detail in our Kashan Travel Guide. Follow us on a trip to Kashan the city of pink Roses in Iran.  

Geographical location of Kashan

Kashan is located in north of Isfahan province, between the central desert, Natanz and Karkas Mountains and in terms of vegetation it’s on a low level. This city is located in center of Iran and on 220 kilometers of the south of capital, 90 kilometers to Qom and 200 kilometers to the center of the Isfahan province. The total area of ​​Kashan is about 4392 square km and the population in here has been about 400 thousand people till the 2016. The city has different sections that include Kashan, Meshkat, Barzak, Jushghan ghali, Camu va chogan, Niasar, Qamsar.

Kashan climate

According to the special geographical situation of this city, the climate in here is warm and dry and the best time for traveling to here is the spring season then when it’s time of making rose water in Kashan that you can even visit its special ceremonies and get familiar with it more. The high temperature average in Kashan is about 26 the low temperature average is about 12 degrees.

Accommodation in Kashan

It is a pity to stay in Kashan and not to try the historical and indigenous residences in this area. We will continue to guide you through some indigenous tourist resorts in Kashan, and for those who prefer luxury and modern hotels, the Amir Kabir Hotel, the Negarestan Hotel and the Rose House Hotel are good choices.

Manuchehri traditional hotel (Manuchehri House)

There is a 400 year-old historic house in Kashan that is a unique example of traditional Iranian architecture in the heart of the desert. The hotel provides a very comfortable environment for its travelers and there is no need to worry about staying in there. We will introduce some other resorts in next articles which could not be named in Kashan Travel Guide issue. Address: No.59, the 7th Mansion alley, Sabet alley, Mohtasham St, Kashan, Isfahan

Saleh ecological residence

The other historical residence that we would like to introduce in this article is called Saleh house. It may not look like Manuchehri house, but it can certainly provide you a happy disposition with a cheaper price. Address: Shahid Musavi alley, next to Gas Company, Mosalla neighborhood, Barzuk town, Kashan, Isfahan During the journey in Kashan we suggest you to try the local food for sure and it’s a pity that you would pass a very long way and haven’t tried the great new tasted food in there. So in next part we’re going to introduced some of the best restaurants of this city.

Mozaffar garden restaurant

Address: Alavi St, Fazel Naraghi Blvd, Kashan, Isfahan

Mozaffari restaurant

Address: opposite the Tabataie house, Alavi St, Kashan, Isfahan

Javan restaurant

Address: Motahari St, before the Valiasr square, Kashan, Isfahan  

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Tourist attractions of Kashan

Fin Garden

Fin garden is one of those attractions you must surely visit it. It’s a green area which its trees have about 100 to 470 years old. The space of this beautiful garden is about 23 thousand square meters and registered in UNESO world heritage list. Address: Fin neighborhood, Amir Kabir St, Kashan, Isfahan

Fin bath

It’s a bath in Fin Garden that Amir Kabir was killed in there. In southern part of the garden there are two small and big baths the small bath was built in Safaid period and the big one built in Fath Ali Shah period.

Jameh mosque of Kashan

Another historic building which is hardly suggested to visit is Jameh Mosque of Kashan. It used to be a fire temple in past and after the arrival of Islam in Iran it has got to be a Mosque then and nowadays it’s remembered as a mosque in historic books. Address: Fazel Naraghi St, Kashan, Isfahan

Silk (Sialk) Hills of Kashan

One of the other tourist attractions in this city which is very popular is Silk Hills of Kashan. This spot is known after the flood that happened about 80 years ago in this region and after that the Iranian and foreigner scientists investigated its antiquity. Address: Silk Valley, Fin-Kashan the right road, Kashan, Isfahan

Agha Bozorg Mosque and School

There are many historic ancient houses in Kashan while you can visit about 5 ancient houses on the same street. One of them is Agha Bozorg Mosque and School of Kashan. This mosque is one of the best in its time, and its dome architecture is stunning and elegant.

Abyaneh village

There is a historic village the Abyaneh that is located about 40 kilometers northwest of Natanz city in Isfahan province.

Borujerdi house

It’s a 130 year-old house considered as one of the most visited historic houses in this city. This house was built in the Qajar dynasty period in 1242 AH by a well-known trader, Haj Seyyed Hossein Natanzi, and is a perfect example of a gentile house at that time. Address: Alavi St, Kashan, Isfahan

Niasar Kashan Fire Temple

Another attraction of Kashan that we want to refer to is the Kashmir Niasar Fire. The four-corners monument is located on one of the heights of Nasser, dating back to the Sasanid period. This structure is one of the oldest and largest specimens in Iran and of course one of the most untouched ones.

Niasar Cave

Niasar Cave is built by humans near the village of Niasar and its date goes back to 2000 years ago. Some people say the reason for the cave's creation was to hold up the religious worship there.

Tomb of Sohrab Sepehri Kashan

One of the most famous contemporary Iranian poets is Sohrab Sepehri, whose many works have remained in Iranian literature. The tomb of this well-known Iranian poet is in Kashan and you can go to the tomb of this poet as well, in your tourism program. Address: Ardahal village, Kashan, Isfahan

Qamsar Kashan

According to the existing evidence in history books for Rose watering, the first people who invented a device for distilling liquids and collecting essence were Iranians. With these interpretations, we suggest that if you are looking for visiting Kashan beautiful Rose water making ceremonial, make sure you visit this city during the spring in May.

Nush Abad Underground City

There are many attractions in Kashan and each one is worth to visit, so you can stay in this city for two or three days. There is an underground city called Nush Abad which its archaism returns to the Sassanid period 1500 years ago.    

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Kashan Shopping Centers for buying souvenirs

Kashan Historical Bazaar Address: the intersection of Baba Afzal St and Kamal Al-Molk Square, Kashan, Isfahan Big Safavid Bazaar Address: Shahid Rajaie St., Kashan, Isfahan In order to buy Kashan Rose Water you can do it in Kashan Bazaar from Mr Poormadani store or around the Alavi St or historic houses in Kashan. Furthermore there are some other stores around the Kamal Al-Molk Square and along the gate of Bazaar for selling the Rose Water and herbal tinctures and open account on its quality. The pure Rose Water is clear, has no color with a kind of bitter taste. Furthermore, if you want to buy Kashan sweats we suggest you to go to Nanak bakery on Beheshti St or Grand Bzaar of Kashan from Mr Shekar's store. The other shopping centers in Kashan we’re going to refer to them in this article are; Sabz mall, Shafagh mall and Sepid mall.  
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