A Travel guide to Hamedan

A Travel guide to Hamedan

Travel guide to Hamedan

Hamedan (Hegmataneh) has been called the cradle of Iranian history and civilization. A province with a long history, a cool summer climate and unique historical and natural tourist attractions. Due to the mild and favorable climate of Hamedan in the hot seasons of the year, it is been considered as a very suitable option for summer trips. For this reason today we are going to introduce this province completely and we are trying to tell you everything you need to travel to Hamedan. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Hamedan we suggest that you read the travel guide to Hamedan article right here in Travital website.
hamedan Hamedan City
Hamadan province is one of the high provinces in the west of the country. This province is limited to Qazvin and Zanjan provinces from the north, to Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces from the west, to Lorestan province from the south and to Markazi province from the east. With an space of ​​19493 square km Hamedan is one of the highest areas in the country. The Hamedan City is built on the slopes of Alvand Mountain and its height is about 1741 meters above sea level. For this reason, it is one of the coldest cities in Iran. The main plan of this city was designed by German engineers but due to the significant increase in population in recent decades and the need for more construction nothing has remained of that design. With a population of 554406 (according to the 1995 census), it is known as the fourteenth most populous city in Iran. In a resolution in 2006, members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly named Hamedan the capital of Iran's history and civilization. The cool and temperate climate, the capital of one of the first civilizations of the ancient world, the existence of very beautiful and unique historical and natural attractions, as well as warm and hospitable people, has made Hamedan to one of the tourist hubs of the western region of Iran. Please follow the travel guide to Hamedan article in next parts.
hegmataneh Ancient Hegmataneh

The history behind Hamedan City

The geographical and climatic location of Hamedan has caused us to witness the settlement of Iranian ethnic groups in it for thousands of years ago. Excavations in Giyan Nahavand Hill have revealed that Hamedan is at least 6000 years old. Many years before the Aryan set foot in Iran, a tribe called the Kasian settled in the area. According to the works which obtained in the area, the history of civilization in this province can be attributed to at least the third millennium BC. But Hamedan is more known as the kingdom of the Medes. According to the famous Greek historian Herodotus, the Medes were able to come to power in the late eighth century BC under the leadership of a man named Diako and establish the first united and powerful state on the Iranian plateau. Diako, the first king of the Medes, chose Hamedan as the capital of his empire, a capital known as Hegmataneh. Today the remains of Hegmataneh Hill are considered to be remains of the city and the castle of Diako. Hamedan was also very prosperous during the Achaemenid period and was known as their summer capital. The remnants of the Achaemenid period show the importance of this land at that time. In Iskandar's invasion to Iran, Hamedan was one of the places where he plundered and destroyed many towns and villages. In the Parthian and Sassanid periods Hamedan was one of the most important cities in the country. The history of Hamedan in Islamic periods has been accompanied by many ups and downs. From the bloody wars and uprisings of early Islam to Iran's eight-year war with Iraq.
hamedan Hamedan

The best time to travel to Hamedan

Due to the location of the city of Hamedan on the slopes of the high Alvand mountain, the winters of this city are very cold and snowy. The city has a cool and relatively favorable climate in summer. The warmest months of the year in this province are July and August when the temperature rises to about 36 degrees and the coldest months are January and February when they experience a temperature of -26 degrees Celsius. But the best time to visit this area is spring and summer. A trip to this area from mid-May to the end of summer will be a pleasant trip.

Access routes to Hamedan

In this part of the travel guide to Hamedan, we will introduce different ways and roads to this city. In order to travel to Hamedan, you can use planes, intercity buses, private cars and even trains. Hamedan airport is about 5 km away from this city. The city's bus terminal is also located on Enghelab Boulevard in the city. You can also take the train to Malayer Railway Station and travel to different parts of the country. But most trips to Hamedan are by car. If you are planning to travel from Tehran the best route in front of you will be the Tehran-Saveh and Saveh-Hamedan roads. Other routes are Buin Zahra Road and of course Qazvin to Hamedan, which you can also try. In general, the northern entrance routes to this province, including Saveh to Hamedan and Zanjan to Hamedan are the busiest routes to this province.

Accommodation in Hamedan

In this city there are good and suitable options for you to stay. We suggest you to choose your type of accommodation before traveling. There are good hotels in this city that you can stay depending on your budge. Guest houses, accommodations and other forms of hospitality are ready to have you. If you travel to this city during peak travel times you will also come across places where city officials have specialized there to set up tents. In the following, we will introduce some of the best hotels and accommodations in Hamedan for you.
amiran hotel Amiran Hotel

Amiran International Hotel Hamedan

The 4-star Amiran Hotel in Hamedan started its activities in late March 2017. The hotel, which has a magnificent architecture, is built on 8 floors and has 55 rooms and suites. This hotel with facilities such as restaurants, separate halls for ceremonies, internet and … is one of the best hotels in Hamedan. Address: Besat Boulevard, Amiran Hotel, Hamadan
bu ali hotel Bu Ali Sina Hotel

Hamedan Bu Ali Sina Hotel

Hamedan Bu Ali Sina Hotel is another 4-star quality hotel in Hamedan which is located in the center of the city and on Bu Ali Street.
alisadr residence Alisadr Residence

Ali Sadr Cave Tourism Guest House in Hamedan

This two-star guest house has been operating since 1977. The hotel has two floors and includes 25 accommodation units. This hotel is located 200 meters away from one of the most important tourist attractions of Hamedan called Ali Sadr Cave and is about 70 km away from Hamedan city. Ali Sadr Cave Tourism Guesthouse has been well renovated in recent years and will be a good host for Ali Sadr Cave travelers. The hotel has no elevator and has several steps at the entrance, so older people may have some difficulty. Address: Kaboudar Ahang, next to Ali Sadr Cave, Hamedan In Hamedan province some ecotourism resorts have also been established recently and we will refer to the introduction of two cases of them in the following travel guide to Hamedan.
varkaneh resedince Varkaneh Residence

Hamedan Varkaneh Ecological Resort

This residence is located 20 km southeast of Hamedan and started its activities in 2016. This complex is ready to receive the guests of this province with a calm and traditional environment and experienced personnel. The rooms of this residence do not have a bathroom and travelers can use its public toilets. Address: 20 km southeast of Hamedan, left entrance of the village, Varkaneh village
amaday Amaday House

Amaday Ecological Resort

This residence is located in the Golan neighborhood of Hamadan. Amaday has 5 rooms with a maximum capacity of 26 people. The suites of this residence have a kitchen and a bathroom and all its staff are fluent in English. Address: No. 61, Bahman Alley, Golan neighborhood, Shohada Street, Hamadan

Eating in Hamadan City

In this part of the travel guide to Hamedan, we will talk about abdominal tourism in this beautiful city. The city has a great variety of food. Hamedan broths and soups are the most famous dishes of this region of country. Bozbash broth, Cauliflower broth, kachi soup, rice soup, dried fruit soup, pepper broth, Sardashi kebab are among the most famous local dishes of Hamedan which we suggest you try on your trip at a cost of about 20000 Tomans. Here are some good restaurants in Hamedan.

Aryan Restaurant

If you’re going to taste one of the famous Hamedan broths, visit The Dizi House of Aryan in the city center. Hamedan broth types are prepared in this restaurant with the best and freshest ingredients. Drinking a local buttermilk next to Hamedan broths will make a delicious memory for you. Address:, Bouali Sina St, Aryan Dizi House, Hamedan
daryush restaurant Darush Restaurant

Darush Ganjnameh Restaurant

After sightseeing in the historical complex of Ganjnameh in Hamedan, you can visit this restaurant. Darush Restaurant in Ganjnameh is one of the quality and modern restaurants in Hamedan which welcomes the tourists of this historical-cultural complex in a beautiful and calm environment. This restaurant serves a variety of Persian and traditional dishes. Address: Ganjnameh, Abbas Abad Road, Historical Complex, Hamedan
delzhin restaurant Delzhin Italian Restaurant

Delzhin Italian Restaurant

If you are tired of eating Persian food and looking for a restaurant with new dishes and different flavors, we offer you Delzhin restaurant. The restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes, including pasta and pizza with a good quality. Address: opposite the Tejarat Bank, before the Bu-Ali Hotel, Hamedan

Important Attractions of Hamedan

Alisadr Cave Alisadr Cave

Ali Sadr Cave

Undoubtedly, Ali Sadr Cave is the most famous tourist attraction (of natural type) in Hamedan. Ali Sadr is the longest water cave in the world which is located about 70 km from the city of Hamedan. You will see the most beautiful natural features of the world in this amazing cave. In order to see this cave, you have to go to Kabudarahang city and Ali Sadr village. After purchasing the ticket you will go by boat to the depths of the cave and watch its wonders up close. There are hiking trails in parts of the cave. The interesting thing about this cave and many other caves is that the temperature in all seasons is constant and about 20 degrees Celsius. During your trip to Hamedan don't forget to visit Ali Sadr's unique cave.
ganjnameh Ganjnameh Complex

Ganjnameh Historical-Tourism Complex

Ganjnameh inscriptions are among the most important ancient lithographs in the country that have been remembered from the time of Darius the Great and Khashayar Shah, the Achaemenid king. The inscriptions are carved in three ancient Persian languages, Elamite and Babylonian in the heart of the Alvand Mountains. We draw your attention to the translation of part of this inscription: “The great God is Ahuramazda, who created this land, who created the sky, who created the people, who created happiness for the people, who made Darius king, Among the many, the rule of many. It’s me the Darius, the great king, the king of kings, the king of lands of various races, the king of distant lands, the son of the Achaemenid Vishtaseb.
Ganjnameh Waterfall Ganjnameh Waterfall

Ganjnameh Waterfall

After watching these valuable historical monuments in Ganjnameh collection go to see the beautiful waterfall of Ganjnameh. This waterfall has 12 meters height and is located on the way of the Alvand mountain heights. Ganjnameh waterfall hosts tourists and those who are interested in rock climbing and waterfall climbing, both in hot and cold seasons. Adjacent to these attractions is the Ganjnameh cable car with a line length of 1680 meters.
abu ali sina tomb Abu-Ali Sina Tomb

Abu Ali Sina Tomb

In thfollowing of this article we introduce you the tomb of Bu-Ali Sina or Abu-Ali Sina whose books are taught at American universities. Doctor, Scholar, poet and mystic, a well-known name in Iran whose fame is well-known in the world, is buried in the city of Hamedan. The plan to build the tomb of Bu Ali Sina is inspired by the famous Gonbad Qaboos Tower in Gonbad City. Part of this building has been allocated as a museum and a place for storing old exploratory objects from this city and the other part has been allocated for the display of manuscripts and works of Bu Ali Sina. The tomb of Bu Ali Sina is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hamedan which is located in a square of the same name in the city center.
babataher tomb Babataher Tomb

Naked Baba Taher Tomb

The tomb is another famous poet of the country named Naked Baba-Taher in Hamadan. Babataher is one of the famous poets of the fourth and fifth centuries. This tomb is located in Baba-Taher Square in Hamadan. Adjacent to this building there is a museum of handicrafts of Hamedan which we suggest you visit.
hegmataneh hills Hegmataneh Ancient Hills

Hegmataneh ancient hills

In the following we introduce you one of the oldest historical areas of the country. Hegmataneh has been called the first capital of the country. According to Herodotus, the famous Greek historian, the city was built by order of Diako, the first king of the Medes. It is said that this city; were located inside seven layers of walls, each in a different color. Diako himself lived in the heart of the city and in the last layer, so that ordinary people could not see him up close. During excavations in this area valuable artifacts from various historical periods including the Achaemenids have also been discovered. Hegmataneh Museum is located next to this ancient hill and many of discovered objects are kept in this museum.
alawite dome Alawite Dome

Hamedan Alawite Dome

One of the outstanding works of the Islamic era in Hamedan is the Alawite dome which is located near the Imamzadeh Abdullah in this city. Alawite dome has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran by the 94 number.

Other attractions in Hamedan

Hamedan's traditional bazaar, Hamedan's stone lion historical sculpture, Varkaneh tourist village, Ekbatan dam lake and Sarab Gyan in Nahavand, Ester and Mardkhai tombs, Hamedan Grand Mosque and Ghorban tower are also some of other spectacular tourist attractions of Hamedan.

Final word

Hamedan is known as one of the most important tourist hubs in west of the country due to its valuable historical monuments, pristine and very beautiful natural attractions and its favorable climate. During your trip to Hamadan province make sure to visit Laleh Jin village which is the center of Iranian pottery. Pottery is the most famous souvenir of this province which in addition to Laleh Jin you can also buy from the historical bazaar of Hamedan. In the travel guide to Hamedan we tried to provide useful information for those who intend to travel to this area. Hamedan is a city of beauties, include visiting it in your summer plans.  
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