Abbasi Hotel In Isfahan (Full Introduction and Reservation)

Abbasi Hotel In Isfahan (Full Introduction and Reservation)

Introduction of the 5-star Abbasi hotel in Isfahan

Despite ever today we’re going to pore over one of the best and luxurious hotel in our country. The Abbasi grand hotel is shaped in a historical complex and while sustaining all traditional features and interiors it’s got one of the best modern hotels fulfilling all necessary needs of traveler to Isfahan. This hotel with its 224 rooms is one of the most popular in Isfahan and itself is an attraction in the city not too far to other attractions. If you want to get familiar more with this hotel and its services and also access ways join us in this issue in Travital website. Please leave your comments and opinions after reading.     In introduction of this grand hotel before anything else we should first pore over the history behind that. The mother of Safavid Shah Sultan Hosein who was the last Shah in Safavid dynasty, after building Charbagh School abolished many farms, gardens, stores and guest houses to this complex. After Afghan’s attack to Iran all these abolished including this guesthouse were destroyed, any way the drown painting in Muhammad Shah period shows this guest house was active in that time. Finally in 1957 with support of Pahlavi government, Iranian insurance company did action of constructing a hotel in this place with its own charge and exploited it after finishing. It might be interesting to you to know that during the construction of this hotel, it had been tried to repair the remains of the guest house, also designing of hotel would be according to Safavid period architecture. The interior was also designed to reflect authentic Iranian art. The Shah Abbas Hotel finally opened in 1965.     Of course, this hotel continued to operate as the Abbasi Hotel. Abbasi Hotel is today known as one of the most modern and famous hotels in Iran which is at very high rating in terms of cultural richness and facilities. It was in 2017 that many reputable news agencies around the world named Isfahan Abbasi Hotel as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East and reviewed all the features of this beautiful hotel. Travital Hotel reservation page allows you to check out Isfahan hotels.    

Services of Abbasi hotel in Isfahan

The convenience of the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is favorable, luxurious and suitable for those who choose this accommodation. For example, in all rooms of this hotel there is a TV with a clean bathroom with all the amenities. Other services available for guests include conference facilities and conference rooms with special space. It should not be forgotten about the accessibility to the best shopping centers around the hotel in 24-hour, gift and souvenir shops or newsstands. The possibility accessing to wireless Internet is available free of charge in all hotel rooms. You can also go to the hotel's lounge for smoking.  
Pardis room
  The hotel has a 24-hour reception service, and do all guests need very quickly and without wasting of time. Tour leader and ticket services for different tours in the city are also available by request of the guests in the hotel. Luggage storage at this hotel is also available by your request and the hotel personnel can communicate with you in Farsi and English. The hotel's cleaning and housekeeping department offers a daily cleaning service, but keep in mind that other laundry services such as laundry service will be charged separately for travelers. Room Service, Broadcast Network, Fire Alarm System, Mini bar, Charging Electronics, Air Conditioner in room, Fire Extinguisher, cosmetics, Heating and Cooling System, ATM, Hotel Security Services, Elevator and breakfast are other amenities at this hotel.     The hotel has also special facilities for people who travel to Isfahan for business purposes so that they can easily reach their own goals. The Abbasi Hotel now hosts thousands of domestic and foreign guests and tourists from all over the world, as well as high-profile guests and international personalities with 224 rooms, suites and apartments built within international standards.  

Entertaining facilities of this luxurious hotel

This hotel has lots of comfort amenities including 2 swimming pool salons throughout the year and unlimited internet at lobby. There’s also a restaurant cafe in entertaining area of the hotel that is serving the hotel’s guests while they are enjoining the cozy atmosphere of there and offering their favorite food or drinks.  

Restaurants and cafes in Abbasi hotel

    Chehel Sotun restaurant with 150 guests capacity Lunch at 12 to 15/ dinner at 19 to 22:30 Breakfast salon with 150 guests capacity Breakfast served at 6:30 to 9:15 Abbasi garden terrace with the capacity of 60 guests It works 24 hours a day    

The Amenities of rooms in this hotel

The hotel has 224 that all rooms have amenities including air conditioner with remote control, soundproof walls and WiFi access at no extra charge.  
Qajar room
  Other facilities include clean and ironed sheets, qualified bed set, pillow menu, flat-screen TV and telephone, iron and iron board, a study desk is available in the rooms. The bathrooms inside the rooms have showers and bathtubs and include cosmetic such as shampoo, soap, towels and other amenities. A hairdryer and a fridge are also available in all hotel rooms. In any case, if you need a special device or service you can request it from the reception desk, and if you need extra beds you can request it at an extra charge.  
Qajar room

Abbasi hotel different rooms

Single room, ordinary double suite, Qajar double suites with the possibility of 2 extra people, Pardis twin room, twin room (2 extra people possible), Cheshm Andaz twin room (2 extra people), quadruple apartments (one extra person), quadruple Safavid suites and triple apartments with the capacity of 6 person.  
Cheshm Andaz room

The distance of this hotel to other attractions of the city

  • Ali Qapu Mansion: 15 minutes walking, 5 minutes by car, about 1.2 km
  • Chehel Sotun palace: 10 minutes walking, 5 minutes by car, about 1 km
  • Isfahan Bazaar: 21 minutes walking, 12 minutes by car, about 1.7 km
  • Siosehpol: 3 minutes by car, about 1.2 km
  • Naqsh e Jahan Square: 20 minutes walking, 6 minutes by car, about 1.6 km
  • Birds Garden: 17 minutes by car, about 7.7 km
  • Imam Mosque: 15 minutes walking, 3 minutes by car, about 1.2 km
  • Hasht Behesht palace: 7 minutes walking and 3 minutes by car, about 700 m
  • Fire Temple: 16 minutes by car, about 7.6 km
  • International Exhibition: 12 minutes by car, about 6.9 km

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