Aboriginal desert residences in Iran

Aboriginal desert residences in Iran

Introduction of the best desert residences

Aboriginal desert residences are those kinds of accommodations that are really good in order to get familiar with art and culture of local people. Desert regions according to their geographical locations are just a wide plain and blue sky as far as human’s eyes can see. For those people who intend to stay one or some more nights in desert, aboriginal desert residences are the best place; that’s why we’re going to introduce you some of the bests in Iran in this article of Travital. Please follow us in next parts.  

Barati Residence

One of the best local residences in deserts is Barati residence which is placed in beautiful Mesr village, adjacent to Jandagh region. This residence had been an old house that is rebuilt now and hosts many desert travelers. There’s only 2 kilometres to Mesr desert and including beautiful attractions around this house are; Garmeh village, Farahzad village, Aroosan and Khur salt lake. Different services in here; Bath and toilet out of the room, hygiene staff, laundry services with extra cost, breakfast, lunch(local food), free internet, 24 hour reception, tour services like; desert, Rommel, camel riding, ATV motors, safari and tour leader with extra cost. Note: this residence is closed from the beginning of May to the end of September and it’s would be half price for kids.
  • Address: The alley opposite to Sadat store, Mesr village, Isfahan province
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Maziyar house aboriginal residence

Another local residence we’re going to introduce you is Maziyar house. This house has a 400 years archaism and it’s located next to Garmeh village in Kavir plain. This house is also located in heart of Iran desert and you have the possibility of a new experience of travelling. In this accommodation they welcome you by local fresh food and live traditional music with local instruments. Different services in this house; Fist aids box, fire extinguisher, drinking water, internet, electricity, clean sheets, laundry services, shopping stores for buying souvenir.

Amo Hasan residence

Here is another local residence in desert region placed in Had Village. This village has an untouched nature and many attractions like; historical castle, saffron farms, village tissue and beautiful nature. This accommodation has a suitable and good condition for travelers in the middle of desert. Services and facilities; Heating cooling system, oath and toilet out of the rooms, car park, local leader, public kitchen, free breakfast, the possibility of offering local food

Safa house aboriginal residence

It’s an accommodation located in Maranjab desert. Here has 7 different rooms and it’s the only residence in this region. This house is encountering with lots of tourists in spring, autumn and winter seasons. Some parts of this house have been rebuilt in Pahlavi period and its halls archaism returns to Safavid period, 350 years archaism in whole. The capacity of this house is about 40 people at same time. In this house there are restaurant and traditional cafe for drinking tea in a historical space, the situation for guests is considered ideal and suitable as well. The services of Safa house; Handicrafts shop, safe box, squat toilet in lobby, taxi service, 24 hour reception, breakfast in room, currency exchange, fax, ticket services, photocopy, internet, tour services
  • Address: Seyed Al-Shohada St, Imam Khomeini square, Aran and Bidgol, Kashan
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Nebka desert resident

Another desert residence is located near the Shahda Kaluts in Kerman. It’s a big garden house with a water stream and palm trees up to sky which is the biggest accommodation in that area. Here has 5 rooms and 40 people can stay in these rooms. Different services of this residence; Car park, English dominated staff, internet, bath and squat toilet, flush toilet, tour leader, cooler, split, TV
  • Address: No.26, Imam Khomeini No.6, Imam Khomeini St, Shahdad, Kerman
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Haftoman residence in heart of desert

Near the Khur town there’s another desert residence and the name of here comes after the number of fountains of this region in past years. This accommodation has a beautiful yard and you can enjoy watching the night full stars sky. Spending a few moments in this house will remind you people’s life in 100 years ago. Services of this house; Heating cooling system, 24 hour reception, car park, live music, bakery store, post bank, cure center, tea service, bath in rooms, flush and squat toilets, kitchen in suites  
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