Abuzeid Abad Desert, the biggest underground city of Iran

Abuzeid Abad Desert, the biggest underground city of Iran

Get familiar with Abuzeid Desert and the underground city in Kashan

Kashan is one of those destinations that attract many foreign and domestic travelers annually specially for watching the glorious rose water making ceremony. This city is full of absorbing attractions which are located near together and you need one full day in order to visit them. In this article of Travital website we want to introduce you some natural historic attractions in Kashan, the great Abuzeid Abad desert that in addition to the unlimited blue sky has a underground city named ouyie. Join us then. As we have just mentioned the Abuzeid Abad desert is one of the best options in Iran for people who are enthusiastic for desert tours. In terms of location this region is placed in part of Band Rig Desert in north of Abuzeid Abad and eastnorth of Kashan. You can feel an unbelievable comfort while walking on sand hills and also visit the Safavis Guest house and the Cistern except the great underground city. One day would be enough for surfing this desert but if you have more time you can pass some days in this region and visit the historical houses or go to Abyaneh Village and other attractions like Karshahi Castle and Yakhab Mountain.   According to desert surfers this desert beside the Maranjab Desert and Mers Desert are the most popular destinations for those who intend to these kinds of attractions. The interesting point about this region is that this place is the capital of old dialects of Iran, the Bizavi Dialect and people culture are the most important attractions existed near the desert. After desert surfing and watching natural sights you can either go to Karshahi Castel, Safavid Cistern or Ouyie underground city which is in fact the capital of Sassanid Anushirvan. Also if you have more time we suggest you to visit the Abyaneh Village with 2000 years archaism, located in 35 kilometers to south of Abuzeid Desert and host thousands of domestic and foreign tourists annually.

The geographical location of Abuzad Abad Desert in Kashan

This desert is located in 30 kilometers to east south of Kashan and has 950 meters heights above the sea level. The attractions of this desert are located more in north of it and along the soil road longed 25 kilometers. In distance of 8 kilometers you will see the flowing Dunes. If you want to get to bigger and more beautiful hills you should pass the desert path to the Salt Lake.

The best time to travel to Abuzeid Abad Desert

As you know the weather in desert gets hot in days and very cold at nights but these conditions can be different compared with the seasons. For that case the best seasons would be autumn, winter and finally first month of spring. It’s necessary to mention that most of tours in Kashan holdup in cold half year. Note that for temperature changing the best time of surfing the desert is before during the day and before the sunset. Try not to be in sun very much and use sunscreen, drink water a lot and have a small meal with yourself during the tour.
Ouyie underground city

Visiting the underground city

The underground city Ouyie has a kind of air conditioner system and located under the Noosh Abad city and in fact one of the oldest underground cities in the world. The archaism of this ancient city returns to before the arrival of Islam and the beginning of the Sassanid period. This city is made by hand completely and for saving people’s life and saving the city in danger time located under the Noosh Abad with several thousand square meters space. You might found it interesting that this ancient city is found by a person who was digging a well in his yard in 2006.

Accommodation in Abuzeid Abad Desert

If you were going to stay the night in this desert of Kashan you can choose Safavid Guest house. In addition to this guest house, Aran and Bidgol residential center or pilgrims house of Agha Ali Abbas are some of the best accommodations of this region. For harder access to this region compared with Maranjab, this place has remained pristine.

The necessary equipment for desert surfing

Back pack, lightweight trekking shoes, Warm Hat, Necklace cloths, Gloves, fire liquid, drinking water, Power Bank, Sunscreen, Cash money, First Aids, Garbage Bag, Sunglasses, General medicine, sunglasses, Camera, Insect repellent, Map snack or GPS, Substrate, Snack and Compass It should be noted that you need at least 4 liters of water for each day of hiking in the desert.

Abuzeid Desert access ways

In order to get to Abuzeid Abad Desert in Kashan, it takes approximately 4 hours driving from Tehran. It starts from Tehran-Qom highway and crosses Qom and continues on to Amir Kabir freeway or Qom-Kashan road. When you reach Kashan, turn left onto Qotb Ravandi Boulevard and continue on your way to Molla Sadra Boulevard to your left, turn left to reach Abuzeid Abad Desert in Kashan. The underground city of Ouyie is also located in Noshabad, which is 5 kilometers west of Aran and Bidgol. In order to visit the underground city, you will need to enter Kavir Boulevard from Qotb Ravandi Boulevard in Kashan and from there you will reach Nosh Abad. If you do not want to, you can go to Aran and Bidgol first, then go to Shams Abad Boulevard and continue to Nosh Abad and Underground City.

The things you need to know about desert hiking

In this region there are many animals like, Hawks, Eagle, Rabbit, sand Fox and Cats, Jackals, Jerk, Agama and Snakesa and etc… There is no risk of missing out if you have all the essentials for a desert trip. It should be noted that even if trip program is one day, try to bring with you all the tips and accessories mentioned above. You do not need a permit to visit Abuzid Abad Desert in Kashan. Take care have some sweat foods to prevent blood sugar lowering, and keep in mind that sweat foods, especially artificial sugars, fulfills your body’s need sugar for a very short time. If you haven't been to the desert before, make sure to plan your trip with friends or people who are familiar with the area, as the desert is a world of unknowns.
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