Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel

Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel
Espinas persian gulf hotel is located on Keshavarz boulevard between Felestin and Naderi streets. The region which in tall trees have turned it to a beautiful sight and it is memorable for most of the people. As it’s located in the center of the city and the access to the different part of city, specially official regions is quite suitable.

Espinas persian gulf hotel , a suitable residence for sensitive persons

Espinas Persian gulf hotel was established in 2010 and it’s the first 5-star hotel after Islamic revolution. This hotel which is a subset of Espinas hotels collection, is in fact the second hotel of this collection after the Gilan substation. This hotel is the residence of lots of positions and tourists and it has also different facilities which Travital will mention them in continue.

The facilities of Espinas Persian gulf hotel for guests

There are different facilities in this hotel for guests. Using 4 different kinds of rooms for hosting the guests has given this chance that different people with different tastes have complete satisfaction with the quality and variety of services. These 4 suits includes: Junior, Luxury, President and Espinas .

Junior suits

These suites are the smallest with 55 square meters space which are accommodated to guests with double bed. If you travel to this hotel for business you can use the services like post, print, translation, photocopy or fax in this room.

Luxury suits

These suits have more space, almost 80 square meters. There are also more facilities in these suits and access to Jacuzzi is provided as well. These rooms also have the possibility of business services same as Junior.

President suits

in these rooms the bedroom is parted from the living room and Jacuzzi is also available . The space is about 115 square meters.

Espinas suits

There are a double bed in these suits and the space is about 140 square meters. There are also meeting room in these suites and in fact it is the most luxury suits of this hotel. Related: 5 Luxury Hotels in Iran

Holding conferences in Espinas persian gulf hotel

The services of this hotel are not limited to just these. Cause the location of this hotel,is right in the heart of city.This hotel also is used for different meetings and conferences. One important reason of that could be the short distance between this hotel and offices and ministries. 6 different salons is considered for holding conferences; Persian gulf salon with 450 person capacity which can be increased up to 800 person as well. Pasargad salon with 400 person capacity , possible to increase to 800 person too. Room pasargad No 2 with 100 to 150 person capacity. Lushato salon with the capacity of 100 to 120 person. The special Persian gulf room with 40 person capacity up to 55 . Mediterranean room with 40 to 50 person capacity.

The restaurants of Espinas Persian gulf hotel

Coffee shop If you’re going to drink coffee or chat with friends while having a delicious meal, Espinas hotel coffee shop is the best option then. The menu is included different types of warm and cold drinks and also cakes and sweets. Restaurant 126 This restaurant is on second floor with Keshavarz boulevard view. The menu is included international food in addition to Iranian food. Mandak restaurant On first negative floor, the hotel traditional restaurant is located and every thing is in past ways; from the interior to the live traditional music.

The access ways to Espinas Persian gulf hotel

Locating just right in the center of the city and being adjacent to Valiasr street, one of important commercial and economic spots of the city, make this hotel access to other parts of the city easily. You can easily reserve the hotel in Travital online and if you have any experience of staying in this hotel, please leave your comment here for us and share your experience. The official website of Espinas hotel: Tell: +982183844 Address: No 126, Keshavarz boulevard, Valiasr square , Tehran

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