Introducing best hotels in Sarein (Ardabil)

Introducing best hotels in Sarein (Ardabil)

Introducing best hotels in Sarein

Two spring and summer seasons are the best time of year for travelling to beautiful city the Sarien. Most of you may know this city is very famous for having lots of great natural warm water fountains. Therefore it is quite natural people are going to run from the heat in their own cities and travel to some where cool like Sarien. But the most important thing for travelers might be the accommodation. Now this question comes to minds where to stay? Or what are the best hotels in Sarein? This city in summer season for having the best climate according to its geographic situation in Iran, hosts the most numbers of tourists. This city has many famous warm water fountains that some of them actually are world known. Therefore there are lots of tourists who choose this city for travelling. In this article Travital team is going to investigate all the hotels in Sarein and so you’ll be able to choose one of them for resident in this touristy city according to your needs and priority. It’s necessary to mention you can easily reserve your hotel in our website Travital website and experience the best and fastest service of booking online.  

Royal park hotel in Sarein

Royal hotel is one of the best hotel in Sarein which is built in recently years and it’s considered as the first hotel and hydrotherapy complex in middle east. This beautiful and modern hotel is a member of Spa water Europe union. The building is built in 4 floors and 22 rooms and luxury resident suits and is equipped with the most modern and newest professional facilities related to hydrotherapy, public and personal pools, Turkish bath, sauna and also salt caves to welcome its guests in the best way. By residing in this hotel you can easily donate yourself a calm and nice environment for your resident. This hotel has also some VIP rooms equipped with warm water small pool in it.

Features and services of Royal park hotel

Restaurant, car park, internet, swimming pool, check at 14:00, check out time at 12:00 Address: Opposite the Laleh hotel, Darayi St, Sarein Online Booking

Boostan hotel in Sarein

The other hotel we’re going to mention its name in the list of the bests in Sarein, is Boostan hotel. This hotel is very popular among the passengers and it was established in 2011 in heart of this city in Ardabil province. The 4-star Boostan hotel was again rebuilt in 2018 all its 8 floors and 60 rooms. One of the advantages about this hotel is the possibility of fast and easy access to the entertainment and hydrotherapy centers of Sarein like Sabalan hydrotherapy center. The nice and experienced staff of this hotel is ready to welcome the guests of this touristy city 24 hour a day.

Features and services of Boostan hotel

Restaurant, car park, internet, check in at 15:00, check out at 13:00 Address: No.1, the east Moallem St, Danesh St, Sarein Online Booking

Rezvan Khalij e Fars hotel

One of other best hotels was opened in 2008 with the name Rezvan Khalij e Fars. This 4-star hotel was renovated in 2017 and added many new facilities to its options for the welfare of passengers. This hotel is put in a location with easy and fast access to downtown, shopping centers, entertainment centers and hydrotherapy warm waters of Sarein. The experienced staff in this hotel is ready to serve the guests in this attractive and touristy city.

Features and services of Rezvan hotel

Restaurant, car park, internet, 5 floors and 78 rooms, check in at 14:00, check out at 12:00 Address: Besat St, Danesh square, Sarein Online Booking

Ershad hotel, One of the old ones

Ershad hotel in Sarein is one of the best and also oldest hotels in Sarein which was established in 2000 in this city and was rebuilt in 2018 in order to get a higher satisfaction of customers. This hotel is designed in 6 floors and 56 equipped rooms and residential suites. According to the quality and equipment, it’s one of the best in the town. One of the merits in this hotel of course, is the easy access to entertainment and shopping centers of Sarein. It’s necessary to mention that the staff is so experienced and has a polite and nice behavior that causes you get a good experience of a great trip by staying at this splendid hotel.

Features and services of Ershad hotel

Restaurant, car park, internet in lobby, swimming pool, 6 floors and 56 rooms, check in at 14:00, check out at 12:00 Address: next to hydrotherapy, Valiasr St, Sarein Online Booking

Pedram hotel in Sarein

One of other hotels in the list of best hotels in Sarein, is Pedram hotel. This hotel was opened in 2014 on Darabi St and it’s considered as one of 4-star luxury hotels in this city. The building is designed in 10 floors and 46 rooms with perfect and standard facilities. The noticeable point of Pedram hotel you must know is that this hotel is very close to attractions and sights of the city is ready to serve the customers with experienced and educated staff.

Features and services of Pedram hotel

Restaurant, car park, internet, swimming pool, check in at 14:00, check out at 12:00 Address: Darabi St, Sarein Online Booking

Laleh hotel in Sarein

It’s one of the other 4-star hotels in Sarein which was established in 2000 on Danesh St. This hotel was upgraded in 2016 in order to enhance the quality level of services. It’s also located in the best touristy spot of the city. You’ll have a very little distance to Sabalan hydrotherapy center and further more you will have an easy access to Alvares sport complex which is the biggest ski resort in Iran. Laleh hotel is adjacent to a great and beautiful nature and ancient historic attractions in addition and it welcomes to all passengers, domestic and foreign tourists.

Features and services of Laleh hotel

Restaurant, car park, internet, swimming pool, 4 floors and 97 rooms, check in at 15:00, check out at 13:00 Address: opposite the Sabalan hydrotherapy, Danesh St, Sarein Online Booking
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