Isfahan Safir Hotel, a Hotel near Naghsh e Jahan Square

Isfahan Safir Hotel, a Hotel near Naghsh e Jahan Square
Did you know that before France, it was in Isfahan that a boulevard was designed and built? The Chahar Bagh street was a place for walking and moving Carriages. Today, the city of half the world has become one of the main tourist attractions of Iran. For this reason, residence places and multi star hotels have become a necessity for this city. The Isfahan Safir Hotel is one of the best residence places in the city. With famous Zayandeh Rood River and the people singing on the arcs of the Khaju Bridge, all tourists have a good memory of this city. It was for a while that we were planning for a journey to Iran's appealing destinations and finally we chose Isfahan. Me and all of my friends agreed that on our 3 day trip, we should choose a hotel close to Isfahan's appealing sites. Hence finally we decided to stay at the Isfahan Safir Hotel. Here is what we found during our stay at the Safir Hotel. In this article, we explore all the amenities of the hotel. If you keep up with us until the end of this article, you will also know about the reason me and my friends chose this hotel for our stay.
Isfahan Safir Hotel Isfahan Safir Hotel

City of Isfahan, Cultural Capital of the world

City of gardens and buildings in the middle of the garden which cover the historical buildings. Cheerful, cool and fun atmosphere to walk around and free up some thought! Wouldn't it be better to spend part of the trip sitting next to the large dock of Hasht Behesht garden? Finally you could walk towards the Naghsh e Jahan Square to visit Isfahan's historical appeals. If you stay at Isfahan Safir Hotel, you could easily walk to these places in 5 minutes. With a few minutes of walking, you could find yourself in Mosque and School of Chahar Bagh, Hasht Behesht, Chehel Sotoun and Naghsh E Jahan Square. By staying at Isfahan Safir Hotel, you would have an easy access to other parts of the city as well. Have you ever asked yourself that why the number of arches in Siosepol is 33 and not another number? This bridge was built by Muslims to connect them to the Armenians on the other side of the river.
Si-o-Seh Pol - Isfahan Si-o-Seh Pol - Isfahan

The history of the Isfahan Safir Hotel in the city center

Not long after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the eight-year war with Iraq, reconstruction began. Over these years, preparation for encouraging visits to famous Iranian cities started. The Isfahan Safir Hotel was built in accordance with the city redevelopment program. This hotel was built in Amadegah street on 1371 in 5 floors. Fortunately, on 1390 this hotel was refurbished and a more clean and beautiful atmosphere was created, specially in the rooms. In the 4 star Isfahan Safir Hotel, there exists 100 rooms with a variety of beds for the guest choice. Hence, you could easily find what you are after. Perhaps one of the reasons for this hotel's popularity is its proximity to the Abbasi Monumnet which is nowadays the contemporary Abbasi hotel. Although Isfahan's 4 star hotels are numerous, choosing a hotel close to the attractions is a sensible choice.

Introduction to the rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

There are 100 rooms in the hotel which contain a total of 300 beds. The beds of this hotel accommodate adults and kids in complete comfort. Kids below the age of 2 could reside free of charge. Kids between 2 to 7 are charged with half price. This is while the cost of an adult's night stay at the 4-star Safir Hotel is very reasonable. On certain days of the year, discounts up to 50% are applied to the price of stay. Apart from the cost of staying in such a 5-star hotel, room facilities are also important. In each room, there exists double bed, large single bed and sometimes both of them. The type of the room is based on the type of beds and the number of people who can stay in it. The hotel room types are as follows:
  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Suite
  • Apartment
As the number of people in the room increases, prices decrease per person per night. This means that if you're looking for affordable room rates, go for triple or double rooms. Single-bed rooms, while more comfortable and easy to roam in, will cost more to stay. The price of a hotel room depends also on the size of the room. Suites and apartments, for example, cost more than other rooms. But the facilities in all these rooms are the same.
Safir Hotel – Isfahan
Breakfast Included

Safir Hotel – Isfahan

Isfahan, Iran

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Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

Facilities Inside the Rooms of 4 Star Hotel

There is a free breakfast for all the rooms in the hotel. You will see the breakfast package on the amenities section. All the toilets inside the rooms are Western-Style Toilets. This has helped the rooms to be more clean. You can also find an Iranian-Style (Square) Toilet on each floor. Some of the rooms, like suites have a bathtub and others have only a shower. If you want a room with bathtub, please make sure to emphasize this while you are booking. Inside the bathroom you can find all the necessary toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and clean towels. Hence it would not be necessary to bring shampoo and soap in your luggage. If you need a hairdryer, you can find one in the bathroom. Hence, you could cross it out from the list of travel essentials. Inside the rooms, you will find a work desk with chair, comfortable furniture, bed with clean and soft sheets and a makeup desk. In the wardrobe, you could hang your clothes so that they won't wrinkle. In each room, there exists a cooling and heating chiller style air conditioning system. There is also a flat-screen TV, a small fridge and tea making facilities for relaxation. But the hotel's Wi-Fi Internet is another feature you'll enjoy. The speed of the Internet in the rooms is fast enough to take a look at your social networks.
Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

Safir Hotel's welfare and recreational amenities

In each floor of this hotel, there is a leisure attraction. The Swimming Pool of the Isfahan Safir Hotel is one of the most popular facilities in the hotel which is available for an extra cost. Have a stay at Sauna and Jacuzzi with an atmosphere similar to Iranian and Turkish Bath. If you like to continue your daily exercise, the hotel's gym is at your disposal. This gym is fully equipped with workout amenities and has a good atmosphere for exercise. Room Service and the reception are 24 hours open and accessible. Hence, if you would like you could order a coffee and speak to your roommate until morning and be awake. There is free Internet in the lobby and in other public areas such as restaurant. One of the benefits of this 4-star hotel is the ability to accommodate guests and tourists who are on wheelchairs. On the first floor, you will find shops selling Isfahan handicrafts and confections. You will also find unique Iranian carpets in this shop.
Safir Hotel's Lobby Safir Hotel's Lobby
The luxurious hotel lounge is perfect for conferences and even weddings. This is especially attractive to foreign tourists that would enjoy watching the Iranian wedding ceremony from close. The conference room located on the fifth floor can accommodate up to 150 people. Parking at the hotel is public, and you could read about other services of the 4-star Isfahan Safir Hotel below.
  • Fax and Photocopy
  • Emergency Stairs and Elevator
  • Luggage Room
  • Reception Bell
  • ATM
  • Coffee Shop
  • Praying Room in Lobby
  • Taxi Service
  • Shop and Store
  • Restaurant
  • TV and Furniture in Lobby
  • Airport Transfer with Extra Charging
  • Supermarket Outside of the Hotel
  • Currency Exchange Shop
  • Shoe Polish Machine
  • Car Rental Without Driver

Introduction to Safir Hotel's Restaurant

On the topmost floor of the hotel, you could find the restaurant. An all glass space that has a view of the city . In this restaurant, all Iranian Food, International Food, Fast Food, Vegetarian, sea food and local cuisine are available according to menu. If you're tired of looking at the menu screen, go for the buffet. Fill your plate with your own favorite food. The coffee shop is in the lobby and the restaurant is on the top floor. The lobby's glass elevator takes you to the upper floors of the hotel. The hotel's breakfast menu is complete and is a combination of hot and cold breakfasts. Drinks such as tea, coffee, juices and milk are available depending on your choice. Hot breakfast include Eggs and Omelets, Halim and Lentils. The cold breakfast menu is also full of good choices.
Safir Hotel's Restaurant Safir Hotel's Restaurant

Distance to Isfahan's appealing sites from the Safir Hotel

Most of the Isfahan's appealing sites are close to the Safir Hotel. This reason was convincing enough for me and my friends to choose to stay at this hotel. The distance from the hotel to the city center is only 2 minutes. With a few minutes of walking, you can find yourself near most of the Isfahan's appealing sites such as: It is worth mentioning that in Naghsh-e Jahan Square, not only you could visit Isfahan's historical buildings like Emam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, but also you could walk in the Bazaar and enjoy seeing local indoor shops. This part of the city is full of famous restaurants and coffee shops. Don't miss the chance to eat lunch in one of these restaurants. From the airport to the hotel is 20 minutes with taxi. Railroad Station is farther and has a 30 minutes ride to the hotel. Bus terminals are closer to the hotel. for example the Seffe Terminal is 15 minutes far from the hotel and you could easily take a taxi to the terminal.
Naqsh-e Jahan Square Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Isfahan Safir Hotel, Address and Telephone No.

As you read, reserving room for the Safir Hotel could be done online. You only need to go to the hotel's official website and book a room. For easier access we have provided you below with the hotel's address and telephone number: Hotel's Address: Amadgah or Madani street, Opposite the Abbasi Hotel Hotel's Telephone No. 031-32222640 Hotel's website:  
Safir Hotel – Isfahan
Breakfast Included

Safir Hotel – Isfahan

Isfahan, Iran

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does all the Safir Hotel's rooms come with free breakfast?

Yes, no matter which room you reserve, all rooms come with complementary breakfast.

Is it possible to arrive at the hotel's entrance with private car?

Isfahan Safir Hotel is located in the center of the city and hence it is located inside the traffic restriction area of the city. Cars with even and odd license plates could go the city center on even and odd days respectively from 8:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. On hours other than mentioned, you could bring your private vehicle to the proximity of hotel's entrance. Please note that the public parking near the hotel only accepts entrance until 12:00 am. Opinions about the Safir Hotel has been divided. based on your preference, you could like some special amenities of this hotel. If you have ever stayed at the 4-star Safir Hotel or any other hotel in Isfahan, feel free to write a comment for us. Write to us about the accommodation experiences and amenities of Isfahan Safir Hotel and be a guide for others.
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