Karakal Desert in Yazd

Karakal Desert in Yazd

Karakal Desert in Yazd, the habitat of black cats

The desert is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in autumn, so there are many tourism tours in this area and they’re very popular. There are so many desert destinations that you can visit, such as; sand dunes, salt lakes, starry sky and all the beauties of the desert. But in this article of Travital Tourism Magazine, we are going to talk about Karakal Desert in Yazd. Karakal Desert is also known as Sadegh Abad Desert. This desert has been the habitat of a kind of beautiful cat named Karakal since the past and this is the reason for the reputation of this desert in center of Iran. Join us to learn more about Karakal Desert in Yazd. As we have just said, the Karakal Desert is located in center of Iran and has long been the habitat of one of the most beautiful cats in Iran named Karakal. One of the reasons for the desert's popularity is the existence of this cat. In this desert, you can achieve the ultimate peace of mind by combining the colors in this beautiful desert. In the desert, you can literally disappear in to the horizon by watching the desert and the sky come together. The desert is a mysterious area that, despite its rugged appearance, is attractive to many tourists, from its colors to its moving sand hills. Karakal Desert in Yazd has another name which is Sadegh Abad Desert due to its proximity to Sadegh Abad village.

Karakal Cat

Karakal is the name of an ancient Persian cat that lives in the Karakal desert and this is the reason for naming this desert. Of course, the current name of the Karakal cat is "black-eared" and this animal is one of the 8 species of cats that live in Iran, apart from Iran, this cat also has a habitat in Africa. It is interesting to know that Karakal is one of the heaviest and fastest small cats, and according to studies about its genetics, this African golden cat and cheetah are close relatives. Due to the antiquity of Karakal presence in Iran in the past, a desert of the same name has been named in his memory in the habitat of this animal, and many people confuse the Karakal cat with another cat with the scientific name "Links". The two animals are very similar in appearance, but they are not the same in any way, and to prove it, we have to say that the Karakal is a monogamous and highly demanding animal, and most of the time it is nocturnal. Karakal has a large territory in arid regions, for example a Karakal covers an area of ​​270 to 1116 square kilometers and does not allow the presence of another cat.

Introduction of Karakal desert in Yazd

Karakal Desert in Yazd is located in heart of Iran and as we said, its name is derived from a wild cat named Karakal. Due to the high intelligence of this cat, Iranians used it to hunt various animals. The vegetation in this desert area is very weak and they like sand rather than palnts. One of the important points of access to this desert is the existence of an asphalt road to the destination, which makes it easy for everyone to access. Among the fascinating entertainments you can enjoy in this desert are camel riding, safari, motorbike riding on golden sands, rolling over the hills of running sands, walking in the groves and each of them alone can be a great travel plan. Be attractive and exciting. You can also stay in the traditional accommodation in the desert and immerse yourself in the starry desert at nights. For travelers who are very interested in the beauty and silence of the desert, a trip to the Karakal Desert is highly recommended. The most important achievement of the tourists to this destination is the peace and quiet that exists in this desert, because the desert is a source of silence and tranquility. The silence in desert, the starry sky at desert nights and the unknown world of the desert are just some of the features of this sandy land. The Karakal Desert in Yazd is also a special place of peace and quiet due to its distance from noisy centers such as big cities.

The attractions of Karakal Desert in Yazd

Karakal Desert in Yazd, like other Iranian tourist deserts, has a good environment for special entertainments. There are many beautiful groves and sand dunes you can visit them. Spend the night in desert and watch the starry sky and enjoy a charcoal tea. Karakal Desert in Yazd has also an attractive wildlife that provides tourists the opportunity to visit desert birds and animals.

Visit Vahshi Bafghi’s House

Another tourist attraction that you can see along the Korakal Desert in Yazd is the Vahshi Bafghi’s House, which has remained in this area since the 10th century AH. This house with its beautiful and special architecture is one of the national monuments of Iran that is located on the way to get to this desert. Every year, there are many tourists who travel to Karakal desert in order to visit this House.

Kakamir Reservoir and Bath

Another attraction in Korakal Desert of Yazd is the Kakamir Reservoir and Bath, which is one of the largest reservoirs in the region. The water volume of this reservoir is 250 cubic meters and has a lay dome cover that makes it even more beautiful and magnificent.

Bagher Abad Castle in Bafgh

2 km away from Karakal desert in Yazd is a castle called Bagher Abad, which is located in Bafgh city, right where Karakal desert is located in Yazd. This castle is one of the historical forts in Yazd that can be easily seen from the hill sands of the desert. Bagher Abad Castle is a fort belonging to Qajar period which was built by order of Abdul Rahim Khan, the son of Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi, to shelter people from possible dangers and to store grain. Bagher Abad Castle in Bafgh has 45 rooms and two watchtowers, 3 stone throwers and 10 shooters, which has also become a unique castle. The running hills with width of more than 1500 hectares and height of more than 50 meters are one of the largest sand dunes in Iran.

Shahid Barzegari Welfare Complex

A welfare complex called Shahid Barzegari has been established next to the Karakal Desert and tourists can receive good services in there. The promenade provides suitable rooms and suites for tourists. Also, a toilet, a bathroom and a parking are other facilities of this welfare complex. There are also different sport entertainments in this camp.

Access to Karakal Desert in Yazd

In order to access the Karakal Desert in Yazd, you must first go to Yazd, then the desert road, which is about 100 km to Bafgh city. In the middle of Bafgh City Boulevard, you have to turn left and walk about 15 km to reach the Sadegh Abad Village, where the Karakal Desert is located. On the way to Korakal Desert you can see the remains of an old castle that is being rebuilt. There are also large groves in this area that are worth visiting along the countless pomegranate and peanut trees.

Important points for having a tour in desert

Distance in deserts is usually very deceptive. For example, you might see a spot and imagine that it is only 200 meters away from you, while the main distance may be close to 1 km. If you are traveling alone or in a small group, one of the most important things to consider is to tell your location, departure time and time of return to trusted people. In walking in desert and even in all kinds of nature activities in general, you should try to walk slowly like the elderly. Carry enough water with you because thirst does not allow you to keep moving. You're probably familiar with the concept of the sandstorm, so one of the accessories you should bring with you is a scarf so you can cover your mouth with it. Even if you are very confident about the route still necessary accessories must be taken by you. Depending on the number of days you’re going to travel, have a one-day or multi-day bag. In the backpack, it is better to put your clothes in a tube and it takes less space.
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