Parsian Kowsar Hotel In Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar Hotel In Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar, a 5-star Hotel in Isfahan

Every year millions of foreign and domestic tourists travel to historic city the Isfahan. A city which it’s culture and it’s art is well known all around the world. If you’re going to travel to this city please stay with us in Travital and we’ll introduce you Parsian Kowsar hotel, one of superior 5-star hotel which is located next to the Zayandeh Rood and Siosepol.

In this article we introduce you the location of this hotel, the history of that, the service delivery, facilities, restaurant, rooms and also the nearest sights of city.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

The history of Parsian Kowsar hotel

Kowsar hotel was established in 1980 under the control of Sheraton hotel. After that it was named Kurosh for a while and after the Islamic revolution it was changed to Ghods and then to Kowsar. Here is known as the first 5-star hotel which has been able to get the standard sign of the country. Actually the hotel is a subset of the international Parsian hotels collection. In 2005 they renovated the hotel to improve the services in every aspect. After adding 40 new rooms and make it to 170 rooms, the hotel was set up again. In 2016 the water collection was renovated and in 2017 the turquoise building with a view to the garden was established. Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Parsian hotels collection

The Parsian hotels are actually the first and the biggest hotel collection in the country for now; which started their work in 1995. They are controlling 21 different 3,4,5-star hotels in different cities in country and they have been always trying to improve the residential, reception, sport and entertaining services. Cities which this collection has hotel in it are including; Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Bam, Ramsar and Chalus.

Kowsar hotel various services

This 5-star hotel has tried to consider all guests requirements and also kept them satisfied; therefore it has considered them different special services such as welfare, tourism, business, sport and food services which each of them is divided to different parts.

Welfare services

You can park your car safely in outdoor or vertical parking. If the time of entering or exiting is different from the time of delivering the room, you can put your luggage and staff in luggage room and use your time to excursion in Isfahan and then get them back from the hotel. The laundry (with separated cost), ATM, internet cafe, secretarial services and guest communication unit are other services. Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Food services

The sweets and cake booth prepares more than 70 different cake, sweets and desert. In addition to the guest, all people can offer sweets or cake from this booth with high quality and great packing. Meanwhile, don’t worry about food. Here have 6 different restaurants.

Abshar seasonal restaurant

It’s located next to pool and garden in hotel and serves different types of kebab and shrimps. Work time is from 8 to 11:30 p.m.

Green restaurant

Here is the first and biggest restaurant in Isfahan. The roof is animated and the walls can be removed. In this restaurant you won’t find frying oil and they serve different types of steak, pasta, pizza and vegetarian food.

Lunch turquoise lobby

It’s located in turquoise lobby and serves many kinds of warm and cold drinks, cakes and dessert. It’s a nice place for meetings and sitting with friends.

Zarrin restaurant

It’s one of old restaurant in this complex which has been serving different types of international and Iranian food for more than 40 years.

Traditional sarv restaurant

It’s designed with traditions beauty and performs live music at nights. You can try authentic Iranian food, salads and herbal teas. Dinner time is at 8 to 23:30 p.m.

Simin Parseh restaurant

Different international and Iranian food serves at any time you feel hungry. It works during the whole day and night for 24 hours. Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Sport services

Sport complex in Kowsar hotel is very clean and perfect. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna, Turkish bathroom, gym with air condition, sport tools shop, spa salon, coffee shop and barbers shop have established here that help you to exercise and relax here and enjoy your trip to half world city the Isfahan.

Shopping services

Buying souvenirs is an action most of the people are interested in to have a remembrance of their trip or take it to their friends and families and prove them they’ve been thinking of them during the journey. Buy them right here in hotel. Of course the prices might be a bit more than stores in the city. Active stores in hotel are including; Gaz and souvenirs of Isfahan, handicrafts store, silver and turquoise industries, wooden industries, gold and wrist watch, perfume, jewelries and clothes. Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Different rooms of Parsian Kowsar hotel

Different rooms in this hotel are explained as follow:
  • Single room: one person capacity, single bed, 30 square meters
  • Double room: 2 to 3 person capacity, twin/double bed, 30 square meters
  • Normal suite: 2 to 3 person capacity, double bed, 60 square meters
  • Royal suite: 2 to 3 person capacity, double bed, 85 square meters
  • Duplex suite: 4 person capacity, twin/double bed, 90 square meters
  • Single turquoise room: 1 to 2 person capacity, twin/double bed, 40 square meters
  • Normal turquoise suite: 2 to 3 person capacity, double bed, 70 square meters
  • Royal turquoise suites: 2 to 3 person capacity, double bed, 90 square meters
Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Room facilities in this hotel

It’s been tried to provide all the necessary services for guests to access whatever they need. Here are some of these services; Electric safe box, Fire extinguisher and alarm system, TV, BMS system, Electric wiring connected to guests cards, Air conditioner, Double glazed windows, Refrigerator, Mini bar, 24 hour room service, Telephone, Wireless internet

Different salons of hotel

Mikhak salon

The chairs are in a U shape in this salon and it’s suitable for meetings and conferences. Also in this salon there are facilities like; microphone, OHP, white board and podium. The capacity is about 20 to 80 persons.

Cheshm Andaz e Negin salon

It’s located on top floor with Zayandeh Rood view. It can be booked for special ceremonies and seminars. The capacity for wedding is about 200 guests and for engagement 350 to 400 guests.

Turquoise meeting room

It’s suitable for business meetings with 15 persons capacity.

Toranj salon

This salon is one of other centers for attending meetings and conferences which welcomes your guests. Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar hotel distance and address

As we mentioned this hotel is next to Siosepol and Zayandeh Rood and here are the distances to sights of Isfahan:

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Parsian Kowsar Hotel – Isfahan

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In this issue we investigated the services and facilities of Kowsar hotel in Isfahan. If you have any experience of staying in this hotel leave it here in a comment please.
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