Shahdad Kaloots (Kalut) In Kerman

Shahdad Kaloots (Kalut) In Kerman
Where is the warmest spot on earth? For sure this question may have come to your mind for several times, this region of course placed in Kerman province in Iran. It’s the region that it’s remembered as a place for exciting entertainments like; safari, desert tour, camel ridding and scientific research.

Shahdad Kaloots , the warmest spot on the earth, Kerman

If we want to describe this place we can say it’s a calm and silent place which is hidden among colorful sands. In this article of Travital we’re going to speak about a unique attraction in order you have a general view before traveling to Iran.
Shahdad Kaloots Shahdad Kaloots
Shahdad Kaloots in Kerman is known as a unique attraction in Iran and there’s a example of that in united states in Utah region the spectacular view of Shahdad Kaloots attracts many domestic and foreign tourists every year. The considerable point here is that here has the highest temperature in the world and it’s the warmest spot on earth, some parts of Loot desert is also put in list of UNESCO world’s heritage.

An ulterior view of Iran’s nature in Shahdad Kaloot

Watching these Kaloots can be a splendid and unique experience in your life, but how this view has happened? And what does Kaloot mean? These are the questions may have come to your mind up to here and we’re going to answer them in next part.

What does Kaloot mean?

In fact Kaloot (or Kalut) is a kind of natural phenomenon which is created by water and wind erosion. It is some prominence shaped like monuments naturally and without any human intervention. In top of these prominence there’s a flat surface and there’s a ramp on the windward side. Theses shapes usually have formed in result of lake’s erosion in old past years. Some also argue that Kaloot consists of two words "Kal" with meaning of "village" and "Loot", the name of this desert. Shahdad Kaloots in Kerman are formed in an area of 4,000 square kilometers and formed about 20,000 years ago due to wind and water erosion. They are stretched from north to south and have 145 kilometers length and 70 kilometers wide.

How Shahdad Kaloots have shaped?

The main reason in order to shape Kaloots is wind and water. The 120 days winds which blow from Sistan-Baluchistan and also rain falls in this region have caused these Kaloots shape. According to some experts, The Shoor River have the most impact on these Kaloots, which also flows into the driest parts of Iran, keeping Kaloot walls moist in Shahdad region of Kerman. The Shoor River is the only permanent river in heart of the Loot Desert and it originates from the northern mountains in Birjand. The river's salty water is not unexpected because it passes through the desert and solves many salts and minerals.

The access ways to Shahdad Kaloot

In order to access o these Kaloots you should reach yourself to Nahbandan town. You should enter the Kerman-Bam road and after some driving on this way you’ll see a sign which lead you to the Kaloots. This way is safe and double road and after that you’ll pass a mountain single road.

You need permission in order to see the desert

Shahdad deserts divided into 3 regions; green, orange and red:

The green region

This area, shown with green color, continues for 2 km after the Shahdad-Nahbandan road and is visible to tourists. If you are not planning to go for a very professional desert tour, the green region would be enough for you then.

Orange and red regions

They are the forbidden regions! They are exactly after green region. You may never come back if you go there without any coordination or necessary guidance. For the difficulty in finding the right way, tourists might be get lost and trapped in the desert. The best way to visit the Shahdad Desert is to take a tour in this area.

The best time to visit Shahdad Kaloots

Cool seasons are the best time to visit desert for sure but autumn condition would be the best time. Of course the condition in spring is also good and you can count on this season in order to get there.

Essential accessories for visiting the desert

drinking water, generic medicines, food, warm clothes, suitable hat, walking shoes, power bank, garbage bag, backpack, first aids, cool clothes, ID card, sunglasses and sunscreen, sandals, mattress, travel tent, sleeping bag, blanket and sleeping accessories.

The importance of Shahdad region

These natural constructs are placed in east of Loot plain and their name is also put in list of UNESCO world’s heritage. It might be interesting to know that there are a 6000 years civilization behind this desert natural constructs. According to the speech of the experts and archaeologists, there have been many works including pottery, sculpture, and jewelries, found in this area, the oldest work even is found in heart of this desert in Shahdad. With all these interpretations, the Shahdad region is both a unique phenomenon and historically considerable.

Different entertainments in Shahdad Kaloots

There are different entertainments in Shahdad region and many tourists come there for that. People who are thrilled to adventure can rent Safari or Off-Road cars and have some excursion in this area. Another entertaining in desert is camel ridding. Camel riding in heart of desert can be reminder of past life that we have often seen in movies. ATV motors are one of the other entertainments here. With these motors you can navigate the desert in high speed and get enough excitement. You can also walk on desert and take the most beautiful photos. Any way you need to be very careful while walking on fluid sands. Don’t forget about the spectacular view of sky in desert. If you’re staying one night at desert try to watch stars at night. The dance of stars in desert sky can capture the heart of any viewer, let alone this performance happens beside the natural Kaloots.

Residential facilities in this region

For those people who want to stay for one or some nights in here there are some camp built among some Kaloot which protect you against sand storms. There are also different facilities in these camps like; WC, car park, 40 pergolas made with natural materials, desert tours and desert entertainments. The dome shaped pergolas are the main reason for the popularity of existing camps in here. The roof of all these pergolas is made of wood and walls are made of cement and you also access the electricity in them. This camp is in western margin of loot desert and it has a beautiful view at nights for the lightening. If you’re not trending to stay at desert you can go to Kerman accommodations. If you have any experience of desert, please share it with us here in a comment or contact us if you need to book our Shahdad Kaluts Tour.  
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