Tabriz souvenirs

Tabriz souvenirs

What souvenirs should we buy in Tabriz?

The metropolis Tabriz city is one of the most attractive cities in Iran and has great economic and industrial importance. The attractions of Tabriz attract many tourists to visit this city. Of course, in addition to historical and cultural attractions, this city also has attractive souvenirs. Definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip to this charming city is when you visit the colorful shops of the city to buy the best souvenirs. Are you familiar with Tabriz souvenirs? Do you know what tourists usually buy in this city as souvenirs? Follow Travital to talk more about Tabriz souvenirs.

Tabriz souvenirs

nuts Tabriz Nuts


Certainly, food is the most popular souvenir of any city, especially if you are in a place like Tabriz. Tabriz has a variety of foods and sweets that leave you free to choose; Among the famous foods of Tabriz that are used as souvenirs are nuts, nuts that are world famous and have been exported since the Qajar period. If you want to buy the best nuts, go for four-nut nuts, which include almonds, pistachios, cashews and paper almonds.
baklava Baklava


Baklava is one of the traditional sweets of Central Asia, which is popular even in different cities of Iran. In Tabriz, Turkish-style baklava is made, the ingredients of which are sugar, eggs, cardamom and flour. These baklava are very sweet and delicious and are actually one of the most popular foods in Tabriz.
qurabia Qurabia


This traditional cookie is made of sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour. And is the most popular food souvenir in Tabriz. Although the price of this cookie is a bit expensive but we suggest you try it on a trip to Tabriz or buy some of it for friends and acquaintances.
nogha Nogha


Although the root of this traditional sweet is for the Middle East and Southern Europe, it has also become popular in Iran. This sweet is very similar to turmeric and is made with walnuts, egg whites, sugar and vanilla.
klim Kilim

Kilim weaving

Apart from delicious food, Tabriz also has attractive handicrafts that are used as souvenirs. Underground kilim is an attractive design that is made with silk, goat hair and sheep's wool and is one of the oldest handicrafts in Tabriz. The most famous Tabriz kilim is the Shahsavan kilim which is designed with narrow strips and large drawings.
leather Tabriz Leather

Tabriz leather

The reputation of Tabriz leather is known in all around the world and even some of its products are sent to foreign countries. You can go to one of the famous leather shops in the city and buy a bag or leather shoes as a souvenir.
carpet Tabriz Carpet

Carpets and rugs

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous handicrafts and, of course, souvenirs of Tabriz is carpets and rugs, and even Tabriz is known as the world city of carpets. Carpet weaving has been popular in East Azarbaijan province for a long time since the Seljuk and patriarchal times, and today this art has advanced so much that Tabriz carpets have become famous in the world. Recently, another art called carpet leather has become famous in Tabriz which has the use of decorative underlays and carpets and is in perfect harmony with the layout of today's houses.
poetery pottery and ceramics in Tabriz

pottery and ceramics

Tabriz pottery and ceramics are also famous and beautiful pottery has been made in Tabriz for a long time. In Tabriz pottery, high quality clay is used, which distinguishes them from other pottery in other places. Surely a pottery can be an attractive and special souvenir of this lovely city.

Wood carving

Tabriz has many inlaid artists in Zamiyeh who present outstanding works, so that even by visiting the historical monuments of Tabriz, you can see many inlays that have been used to decorate various components. The inlay is one of the most attractive and complex works that has a special charm and it is interesting to buy it as an ideal souvenir.
wood carving Wood carving and Etching


Engraving actually plays a role on metals such as copper and silver, dating back to the time of the Sites. There are two different styles for engraving in Iran, one of which is Tabrizi style in which the movement and pressure of the wrist are used to play a role, not a hammer! For this reason, the patterns and drawings that emerge from Tabrizi's engraving are delicate and shallow.
dairy Dairy


Most of us know the Liqvan cheese of Tabriz and for some people breakfast may not make sense without this delicious cheese! Dairy is one of the most important products of Tabriz that has many fans.
rosary Rosary Choclate

Rosary chocolate

This chocolate is one of the most popular souvenirs of Tabriz, which has many fans with its unique taste. The pieces of this chocolate are connected which is why it is known as rosary chocolate. On the other hand, the two colors of white and brown have given a special charm to this chocolate. Ingredients for this chocolate are sugar, powdered milk, baking powder, milk, glucose, vanilla and butter, but sometimes cocoa powder is also used in it.
verni Verni Weaving

Varni weaving

Perhaps you have never heard the name of these beautiful handicrafts of Tabriz. This art is popular among the nomads of Azerbaijan and is considered a kind of carpet weaving at the beginning of Perez. Although it is not possible to estimate the exact time of the origin of this art, it seems to have originated about 100 years ago. In the Ahar and Arasbaran areas, nomadic women weave these attractive underlays that are like one-sided kilims and a weaving method is used to weave them.

Last word

Here we are at the end of Tabriz souvenirs introduction. Next time you go to Tabriz you will know about all important souvenirs and handicrafts of this city so you can choose better. If you have any experience of being in this city please share it with us. Thanks for reading this article.  
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