Tang village in Chabahar

Tang village in Chabahar

Tang village in Chabahar, the confluence of desert and sea

The south of Iran includes some very attractive and spectacular attractions, each of which can attract domestic and foreign tourists as an interesting and exciting tourist hub. In this article, we wanted to go to Chabahar in Sistan and Baluchestan province and talk about a village called Tang. This village which is a crossroads of desert and sea has caused a lot of tourists to be attracted to it, considering that it is located in the remotest part of Iran, but it attracts the attention of many tourists. Join us on a trip to Tang village in Chabahar and learn more about this part of beloved Iran in this article of Travital.
tang village Tang Village

What are Chabahar’s souvenirs?

As we mentioned above Tang village is a small part of Chabahar city which has special attractions due to the confluence of desert and sea in this region which one of them is Gel Afshan Region and fishing by its people, which has a unique effect on the village. The city of Konarak, located in the southeast of Iran and on the beautiful shores of the Oman Sea has long been known as its large and active fishing pier. There are unique and pristine natural attractions in this small port that will touch the heart of any tourist.

Geographical location

Tang village is geographically located 80 km from Konarak city and in order to reach this village you have to go about 50 km from Jask port road on the left side of Tang Port secondary road to reach one of the natural wonders of Gel Afshan region. One of the natural wonders of this area which is called Gel Afshan, is also on this side road and you will definitely see its signpost. However, to reach the village of Tang Port itself you need to walk all the way to the end of Oman Sea and the narrow fishing port.
gel afshan hill Gel Afshan Hills

Gel Afshan hills

The most significant tourist attraction in the Tang village in Chabahar is the Gel Afshan Region, which is located on the side road to the port of Tang. Gel Afshan Hill is located on the right side of this side road which is located on a wide plain at a distance from each other. You are definitely familiar with volcanic mountains and know how it works. There is an interesting point in this area is that these hills have a similar function to volcanic mountains and from their openings at different times turns out gray mud. Gel in Persian means mud and Afshan means turning out and that's why they are called Gel Afshan. Of course, at the moment, only one of these hills is active and the other two hills are not working. According to locals, the two hills are tired of working and have retired. While visiting this amazing attraction in the south of Iran, make sure that your feet do not fall on the pits that throw mud because you may sink into the mud up to your neck! So be very careful where you place your steps. Sometimes visitors have to go through a bit of hard work to get to this wonderful scene and reach the top of these hills. After reaching the fGel Afshan hills, stare at its mouth for a few minutes to watch the eruption of the mud; Depending on your chances, the mud may have a different intensity and height. Be careful not to get in mud! The not-so-interesting thing is that there are few amenities on the grounds of this tourist attraction.
gel afshan Gel Afshan

Why it occurs?

There are some interesting theories about the cause of this phenomenon, one of which we would like to mention. Anubini says about the phenomenon in Tang village in Chabahar that due to the region's proximity to the Indian Ocean and the specific shape of the earth's crust in this area, the ocean's crust sinks into the earth with a very steep slope below it. It puts a lot of pressure on the earth's crust and this pressure causes a lot of water and mud to come out from inside the earth to the outside.
tang beach Tang Beach

Beautiful beach of Tang village in Chabahar

After visiting the Gel Afshan hills take the road to the end to reach the village of Tang which is on the shores of the Oman Sea. In the south of Sistan and Baluchestan, apart from the two ports of Chabahar and Konarak, there are other villages along the Oman Sea that have beautiful and unique beaches and are very good options for tourism. Of course, many of these areas are usually very deprived and there are not many amenities to attract tourists. Tang village is also one of these villages to which more attention can be paid to the beauty of the beach to attract tourists.
Tang Beach Tang Beach

Fishing industry in Tang village

The people of this narrow village are the main source of income for fishing. When you get to this village you will notice many local fishermen who have been fishing for hours and for this purpose they have built a pier in this port so that the fishermen can be present in that area and the spectators can be immersed in watching them.
konarak port Konarak Fishing Port
This new wharf which was supposed to be built in 1390, has started to be built in 2016 due to the existing problems and is scheduled to be completed soon. In general, given the very high capacity of coastal villages in Konarak, such as the port of Tang in the fishing and fishing industry, the need to build modern piers in these areas is really felt and we hope that the authorities will pay more attention to this attractive area. To give a unique boost to the southern region of Iran by attracting tourists.
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