Tehran Subway Complete Usage Guide for Travellers

Tehran Subway Complete Usage Guide for Travellers

Get introduced with how to use Tehran subway

The subway transportation system is one of the biggest networks inside the city which with 7 lines and 6 active lines has been able to connect many spots of the city together and helped many inside city trips recently. The first subway line in Tehran connected the Sadeqieh Square in Tehran to Karaj. After that different stations were built and the network expanded. Now there are many programs and guide maps which help the passengers to find the right way and choose the right line and station and that’s why in this article of Travital we’re going to provide a guide of Tehran subway usage in order to get familiar with this transportation network more.

Tehran subway lines

First of all we’re going to speak about Tehran subway lines; this city subway network has 7 lines which 6 of them are active today. Of course Mehr Abad Airport and Imam Khomeini Airport lines are considered as the inaugurated lines of Tehran which are usable right now.

Line No 1, Tajrish-Kahrizak

Maybe the longest line in Tehran is Tajrish-Kahrizak line which starts in north of Tehran and ends in south of the city. This line is shown with red color and it is substituted with 3 lines in Shahid Behesti Station, 4 lines in Darvazeh Dolat and 2 lines in Imam Khomeini Square Station. You can use the line No 1 in order to get to Imam Khomeini Airport and Parand city as well. This line has about 39 kilometers length and the total time of journey is about 72 minutes.
Metro Station in Tehran

Line No 2, Sadegieh-Farhangsara

Maybe it can be said the most crowded line is Sadeqieh-Farhangsara line, it starts in Sadeqieh Station and ends in Farhangsara Station. This line is shown with blue color in the map and is substituted with 4 lines in Darvazeh Shemiran Station, 6 lines in Navab Safavi AND 1 line in Imam Khomeini Station. The journey’s length is about 25 kilometers and takes 47 minutes to end.

Line No 3, Qaim-Azadegan

The light blue line or Qaim-Azadegan line is another Tehran subway network’s line which connects the south of Tehran to the north. It is constituted with line No 1 in Shahid Beheshti Station, line No 4 in Teatr e Shahr Station and line No 6 in Mahdieh Station. The length of this line is 33 kilometers and the whole journey takes 63 minutes.

The line No 4, Eram e Sabz-Shahid Kolahdooz

This line is shown with yellow color in the map. It’s constituted with line No1 in Darvazeh Dolat, line No 2 in Darvazeh Shemiran and Shadman Stations and line No 3 in Teatr e Shahr Station. It’s necessary to mention that you can go to Mehr Abad Airport with using this line as well. The length of line is 21 kilometers and takes 43 minutes till a person gets to the final station.

The line No 5, Sadeqieh-Golshahr

The green line or the same line No 5 is the line which connects two spots of Sadeqieh and Golshahr together. This line is substituted with line No 4 in Eram e Sabz Station and line No 2 in Sadeqiah Station. It has about 45 kilometers length and 57 minutes is the time of total journey.

High speed Golshahr-Sadeqieh trains and vice versa

These trains are one of the other cases which have helped the inside-city and suburban journeys to be very short, economic and easy. Some of the line No 5’s trains moves from Tehran to Karaj and Karaj to Tehran with high speed by a plan and specific time and passengers can set the time of their trips with that.

The line No 7, Navab Safavi- Mahdieh

The purple line on the map is related to Navab Safavi- Mahdieh line. This line stars in Navab Safavi Station and ends in Mahdieh Station, it’s substituted with line No 3 in Mahdieh Station and line No 2 in Navab Safavi Station. Its length is about 10 kilometers and takes also 10 minutes to end.

The Mehr Abad Airport line

Airport lines have made suburban journeys easier and helped to Tehran transportation network. This line is in fact the other lines of line No 4 which diverges from Bimeh Station and has 2 stations. Terminal No 1, 2, 3 and 4 stations give you the accessibility to different parts of the Airport. It’s only 2/5 kilometers and takes 5 minutes.

Imam Airport- Parand city line

Another auxiliary subway line in Tehran is Imam Airport line. This line of line No 1 in Tehran diverges from Shahid-Bagher Shahr Station. The length of that is about 31 kilometers and it takes 35 minutes to get to the end.

Different types of tickets in Tehran

Single or double trip ticket If don’t use subway a lot you can use these kinds of tickets. Single tickets are light blue and double tickets are in orange. With orange tickets you can use the subway twice and with blue only once. Electronic tickets or ezPay If you use the subway for your inter-city trips a lot you can use these electronic tickets as it will be so effective on your costs. Passengers who use these tickets can save up to 60% of their costs rather than those who use single or double tickets. Imam Airport credit ticket For those who use credit ticket of Imam Airport the deduction amount would be 75000 Rials with no limitation on distance. Credit ticket of suburb For people who use this card end enter or exit the subway in one of following stations; Golshahr, Karaj, Mohammad Shahr, Atmosphere and Garmdareh, the deduction amount would be 10000 Rials with no limitation on distance. The electronic tickets different usages These cards can be also used in order to get to BRT Buses in the city. Other uses of an electronic ticket card are to pay the parking meters for your car park. Another service of this card is to pay for taxis at various metro stations. You can pay for your taxi using your electronic ticket card while you’re traveling or getting off. Currently, this service is limited to taxis operating on the subway lines.  
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