The Best Apartment Hotels In Mashhad

The Best Apartment Hotels In Mashhad

Introduction of the best apartment hotels in Mashhad

Decreasing the price to almost half,is one of the features apartment hotels in Mashhad have it. Apartment hotels are very comfortable and accommodate people who choose these residences, all the facilities of a restful house. Today we’re going to investigate some of the best apartment hotels which are appropriate for you to reside. Therefore if you're going to stay in one of them, you will have some good information about them. Although Mashhad hotels are all great but apartment hotels are the best possible choice for those who travel to this city with family or in a group with high number of persons. Stay with us in Travital and we will investigate these kinds of residences in Mashhad.

Melal apartment hotel, The superior resident of cultural heritage organization in Mashhad

Melal hotel is one of the best apartment hotels in Mashhad which is recognized as one of the superior resident in cultural heritage organization. This residential complex has been reconstructed in 2014 and so there are good facilities for the guests who choose it. You can choose both double or triple room apartment and even existing suites in order to reside. There is only 5 minutes walking distance to the holy shrine of Imam Reza. The distance to most of the tourist attractions is almost about 15 minutes.These are some of the services of this apartment hotel; Internet in lobby with unlimited bulk, coffee shop, first aid bag, cooling and heating system, safe box, suitcase room, special facilities for people with movement limitations and taxi service. Melal apartment hotel

Nika apartment hotel

Nika is one of the other apartment hotels we’re going to introduce you. It’s exactly next to the holly shrine of Imam Reza. As the little distance to the holly shrine is the main priority for the tourists who travel to this city, this residence can be a good choice for them. It’s necessary to say on the street which on this hotel is located, There are also some other residential complex as well but about Nikan residence there is a positive point and it’s the economic price and good services of that. Meanwhile you can use the 24 hours restaurant whenever you want. Some services of Nikan apartment hotel are included; Currency exchange, the elevator, tour services, carrying services, unlimited wi-fi in lobby, copy and print, parking and cleaning services.
  • Tell: +985138532770
  • Address: The sixth Shahidhanayie street, Danesh intersection, Imam Reza street, Mashhad
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Nika apartment hotel

Espino apartment hotel, A newcomer hotel in Mashhad

It’s one of the newcomers compared with other apartment hotels in Mashhad which has 37 rooms in 8 floors. Espino apartment hotel is designed beautifully and most of the needed facilities are provided in it. The coffee shop in sixth floor serves Iranian and international food in addition to different drinks. Here are some services of this hotel; Internet, sauna and Jacuzzi, lobby, taxi services, refrigerator, cooling and heating system, the elevator and audio-visual system. Espino apartment hotel

Pavion apartment hotel, A hotel with experienced staff

It is one of the apartment hotels that people usually recommend it to each others. It’s very close to the holly shrine, almost 10 minutes. The sights of the city are nearby as well. It’s well-known for the good behavior of the staff. Some services of this hotel are included; First aid box, Special facilities for people with physical limitations, Coffee shop, ATM, Non-free tours, LCD TV, Meeting room, Hostel room services.
  • Tell: +985131385367
  • Address: The corner of the third intersection, Imam Reza street NO 8, Mashhad
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Pavion apartment hotel

Fakher apartment hotel, One of the beautiful hotels in Mashhad

It has 3 Kilometres distance to the holly shrine of Imam Reza and just 30 minutes walking to there. It has 50 rooms with 240 persons capacity in 10 floors. Fakher apartment hotel is newcomer and has opened in 2016. We will mention some of the services here in below. Meanwhile you can use Travital website in order to book hotels in Mashhad. Air condition, lobby, coffee shop, conference salon, parking, laundry, restaurant and free breakfast.
  • Tell: +985137244398
  • Address: The corner of first intersection, Imam Reza street No 48, Mashhad
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Fakher apartment hotel

Sharin apartment hotel, A good apartment hotel in Mashhad

The investigation comes to Sharin apartment hotel. This residence has lot’s of different good and suitable services and some even remember it as a fancy and luxury hotel. It has got 6 floors and the exterior architecture of building is so gorgeous. We will submit some of other services in continue; House keeping services, coffee shop, internet, restaurant, lobby, prayer room, non-free tour and the elevator.
  • Tell: +985138550550
  • Address: the corner of Imam Reza No 3,the eastern Danesh street No 21, Mashhad
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Sharyn apartment hotel

Bamdad apartment hotel, suitable for families

One of other apartment hotels near to the holly shrine which gas got attention from pilgrims and passengers for this little space. It’s got one and two bedrooms apartments in 5 floors. Residential services are usually given from double to triplet double beds. Here are some of other services; Lobby, internet, kitchen, electric kettle, cooling and heating system, restaurant, elevator and TV. Bamdad apartment hotel

Gelareh apartment hotel with short distance to the holly shrine

If there would be any competition among hotels with short distance to holly shrine, the Gelareh hotel is the winner then,with only 3 minutes walking distance and therefore the access to the other sights and attractions is also easy. The appropriate facilities are included; Lobby, internet, restaurant, cooling and heating system, the elevator, safe box, parking and room services. Gelareh apartment hotel

Golden rose apartment hotel, Newcomer and beautiful

The newcomer golden rose apartment hotel with 20 rooms in 5 floors is located in a short distance to the holly shrine. Some of the services are; The restaurant, internet, lobby, cooling and heating system, the elevator, safe box, parking and the room services. Golden rose apartment hotel

Parastoo apartment hotel, a cheap hotel in Mashhad

It’s one of other apartment hotels with high quality that has 21 rooms in 7 floors and very near to the holly shrine which people who have resided there have always been acquiescent. The services are included; Laundry, restaurant, internet, lobby, the elevator, 24 hours coffee shop, cooling and heating system and taxi service. Parastoo apartment hotel We have just mentioned some of the best apartment hotels in holly Mashhad and hope it would be useful for you and help you to choose the best options. At last we ask you to leave your comment if you have any experience of staying in these hotels. You can book any hotel you want here in Travital website online.  
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