The best autumn destinations in Iran

The best autumn destinations in Iran

Which regions of Iran should we travel to in autumn?

Most of the people choose spring or summer and warm seasons of the year in order to travel and have a trip. but cool seasons have their own beauties as well. Nobody can ignore the beauty of yellow orange nature in autumn and even snowy mountains and plains. The good news is that we no longer have to think that there is no place on earth for us to escape the heat and the next thing we can't say is that we have to be a little more careful not to catch a cold. Wearing an extra layer of clothing can be solved. But more than that, have you ever wondered where the best places to travel in Iran in the fall or cool seasons of the year? Today, we are going to answer this question for you and examine for you exactly where are the right places to travel in the fall in Iran. Follow us on this amazing tour in beautiful Iran.
ulsabelangah Ulsabelangah


The first place we recommend to go to the list of suitable places to travel in autumn in Iran, is one of the most beautiful areas in Iran, Ulsabelangah summer. Ulsablangah is actually a region in the highlands of Masal on the way to Khalkhal whose relatively strange name consists of the two parts of Ulsa and Balangah and its meaning is equal to the high place where you grow the hornbeam tree. Ulsbelangah is extremely beautiful and is one of the most popular destinations for people who are planning to travel these days. This summer area has a lot of pastures and funny things waiting for you. It is interesting to note that the houses in this summer cool place are mostly made of wood and as the name suggests, fewer residents of the area stay in the summer in the winter but still in the fall. Really! Did you know that Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali who was actually a great leader in north wars of Iran with England and Russia was buried in Ulsabelangah? The summer resort is located 30 km from Masal.

Yush Village

Our next suggestion to you is to go to Yush. When you walk from Yush Baladeh to Noor City, this path takes you completely to another world. Have you ever heard someone say that they are just going to a specific destination? or have you experienced it yourself? The Yush to Noor route is one of the easiest routes you can take, especially in the fall. The trail has a mountainous but asphalt road full of hills, valleys, trees and villages with gabled roofs. The good thing about this green route is that you can also go to the village where Nima Yushij a famous Iranian Poet, was born, although there are many sights on this route. Keep in mind that Yush is located 105 km south of Amol in Mazandaran Province.
lavij Lavij Village

Lavij Village

Our next destination on the list of suitable places to travel in autumn in Iran is Lavij village in Alborz mountain range. There is little to tell you about the beauty of this beautiful area. Lavij village is actually a village that is surrounded by the mountains of Alborz and has a very pristine and unique nature. The nature of this charming area is such that especially in the spring, its mountains are covered with green and lush trees and pristine nature in the fall all turn orange and golden is multiplying the beauty of the area and yet we come to the magic of this area which is better than ever in the fall, that is, the warm water of Lavage springs. The hot water of Lavij boils from springs existing on the slopes of the mountains of the eastern part of Lavij. This hot water contains many minerals and sulfur, which is very useful for skin diseases and joint pains, back pain, foot pain and, most importantly, for nerve relaxation. Its famous spa is Bibno and Sheffel spa, each of them has its own special features that are very popular and at the end of each of these hot springs we have acceptable and hygienic facilities such as showers, swimming pools. They are both equipped with bath tube.

The best autumn destinations in Iran

Do you agree that we should go a little warmer? One of the best routes for autumn travel is desert tourism. Among the deserts that we offer you are the Marnjab Desert, Mesr and Jandagh, which are the best options available. For example, Jandagh desert is one of the functions of Khor city, which is located 350 km northeast of Isfahan. Jandagh is bounded on the north by the Great Desert, on the west by the Rig Jen Desert and the Jandagh Mountains, on the south by the deserts around Khor and on the east by the southern edge of the desert plain. In Jandagh, you can ride camels and look at wildlife like animals; rams and ewes, rabbits, moons, partridges and squirrels, all kinds of common foxes and sand foxes, wolves, eagles and of course leopards and cheetahs.
jandagh Region Jandagh Desert
Of course, it might be interesting for you to know that Jandagh Desert is the way to Rig Jen Desert near Jandagh. As you know, Rig Jen is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Iran and has special magic features, so it is better to go to this desert with someone who has entered this desert. If we want to introduce you to another place among the different options suitable for traveling in the autumn of Iran in the hot areas, that is surly Meybod Desert in Yazd.
meybod Meybod in Yazd City
As we have just mentioned Meybod is a desert region and its autumn season has itself 4 seasons. Spring mornings, hot summer afternoons, autumn evenings and nights and midnight winters are autumn gifts for desert areas. The city of Meybod near Yazd is one of the other historical cities that fascinates you with its many historical monuments so that you can visit the suitable areas for traveling in the autumn of Iran. Finally warm places during autumn in Iran are introduced. Hope it was useful for you and you would have enjoyed reading it.
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