The best coffee stores in Tehran

The best coffee stores in Tehran

The introduction of the best coffee stores in Tehran

Coffee is actually the second favorite drinks in European countries, which recently has got very popular in Asian countries as well. This energetic drink has different ways of making, like; Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Maciato, etc which shape only a smart part of cafe’s menu. Coffee is such a mysterious Drink that if we want to talk about it, it’s not going to end! There are two important things about coffee you must notice; first how to make a good coffee and second what are the features of a good and qualified coffee?! Therefore in this article of Travital we’re going to introduced you the most popular coffee stores in Tehran.  

Riyo coffee store

One of the oldest and best coffee stores of Tehran is placed on Istanbul intersection and called Riyo. It has great coffee and you can smell coffee fragrant while you’re around the store and shopping. It’s necessary to mention that it’s not only the archaism of this store that has made it popular but the quality and the appropriate way of packing coffee in here caused this place to be one of the best in the capital. The variety of products is also one of the reason you absorb this store, you can find different types of coffee; Turkish, French, espresso, cappuccino, latte and etc. there are also various tools and espresso maker machines in this store so you can find anything you need in order to have a perfect cup of coffee at your place. Address: against the Britain embassy, the west south of Istanbul intersection, Jomhuri St, Tehran  

Set coffee store

Another good coffee store in Tehran is placed on Enghelab Street after collage Bridge called Set. Whether you’re walking or being on a car you’ll smell the coffee in it. This store is open in special hours during the day and when ever walking people would smell the great fragrant of coffee they surly know that Set store is heating up the coffee seeds. There’s a grinding machine in front of the store as they grind the coffee in front of you and then submit it to you. Don’t forget that coffee is a kind of life style and it costs you pass a long distance to get it. It’s also necessary to mention this store is the first collection in Iran which is a member of association of Europe coffee and has passed many courses of this collection specially in roasting field. Address: No 852, Enghelab St, Tehran  

Edena coffee store

It’s one of the other best coffee stores in Tehran which is placed in north of Haft e Tir Square and the beginning of Shahid Mofatteh Street. Although this store has a small showcase but when you get in it you’ll see lots of different coffee boiler and coffee makers which is quite interesting for those who intends coffee. The owner of this store is an old man with his young boy that guild you perfectly and have a very nice behavior to the customers. Address: the beginning of Mofatteh St, the northern side of Haft e Tir Square, Tehran  

Aram coffee store

There’s another coffee store in Haft e Tir that its archaism doesn’t get to Edena but it has great and qualified coffee. The interesting point of this store is that there are also different types of chocolates in here and you can choose due to your taste. I have a memory of this store actually, once I was in this store and they were roasting the coffee so I had to sit there and wait for almost 10 minutes to get my coffee. When I get home everybody understood I was at a coffee store as the fragrant of coffee was sat on my clothes. So if you’re going to be at a party or be in place you might not to be relaxed there, then don’t buy coffee in time of roasting the seeds. Address: the beginning of Ghaem Magham Farahani, Haft e Tir, Tehran  

Anita coffee store

Anita coffee store is in fact the thumping heart of Jomhuri Square and it can be said it has sustain the quality of its coffee for a long time. In addition to coffee seeds and coffee powder there are also different types of coffee boilers and electronic coffee makers machine in here as well. Some good brands in market such as; Mokate and Super are available in this store. It can be said with courage here is one of the best coffee stores in Tehran. This store is closed on off days and is opened till 9 p.m. on other days. Address: No 564, Jomhuri Sq, Tehran  

Senator coffee store

Another good coffee store in Tehran called Senator which its archaism returns to 19 years ago. One of the advantages of shopping from this store is that you can taste the coffee first and then decide to buy it or not. For the small space of Marvi alley in bazaar the pleasant fragrant of coffee is filled in there which its source is actually Senator store. Address: next to Aftab shopping mall, Marvi alley, Naser Khosro St, Tehran  

Marina coffee store

Marina store is also one of the best coffee stores in Tehran which in you can provide good qualified coffee and even different types of best chocolates of world. The prices in here are also economic and with discounts. Address: next to Moghadam nuts, after petrol station, northern Kargar St, Tehran  

Arman coffee store

It’s another coffee store in capital which is located on Motahari Street and submits coffee powder and coffee seeds and also different kinds of chocolates and caramels. Address: the beginning of Motahari St, Tehran  

How to buy appropriate coffee?

Most of the people in Iran prefer to drink soft and sweet coffee. Due to the statistics 70 % of Iranian people prefer French coffee and 30 % of them prefer to drink Turkish or espresso and bitter coffee which most of them of course are catholic. You can also buy your favorite coffee according to your taste and notice to written features on back of coffee pockets. The more Arabica coffee the bitter it is. If you buy coffee with no packing you must ask the shop assistance about its features then.  
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