The most beautiful cities in Iran

The most beautiful cities in Iran

Which city is the most beautiful in Iran?

We did ask a really challenging question, a question which any one might have a different answer for that! Each one of cities in Iran has its own special beauty and it’s hard to say which city is the most beautiful! Maybe it would be easier if we ask name the first beautiful city in Iran comes to your mind first, please answer this question in comments. Of course in this article of Travital we’ll introduced you some of the most beautiful cities in Iran which each one is known as the best, the most famous, the most charming, the most watery, the most green and … .  

Which do you like among the beautiful cities of Iran?

Let's talk a little selfish. Indeed, Iran is the most beautiful country in the world, especially for most of us Iranians. I had a Dutch friend who had lived in Iran for many years and described Iran very beautifully. He loved the humility and magnificence of Iranian nature. He was amazed of being able to drive for two hours from Mount Damavand to Maranjab Desert, or wondered about a busy city like Tehran to a green forest with an hour driving, he loved the south coast and Chabahar and was a keen explorer. Many tourists feel this when they’re visiting Iran and traveling to Iranian sights. We’re proud of visiting the most beautiful areas in Iran. Iran's spectacular cities have a long list. The most beautiful cities in here have a long list. In west of country we can name Kermanshah or Dorud or the cities of Kurdistan province. Palangan is one of the most famous cities in Iran which is beautifully built.

The most beautiful city for travelling

According to people's opinion 8 cities in are known the most beautiful ones; Isfahan, Shiraz, Pasargadae and Persepolis, Yazd, Kashan, Tehran, Qeshm Island and Ahvaz

The bride of Iran cities, Ramsar

Among the cities in north of the country and Mazandaran province, Ramsar has been known as the bride of Iranian cities. A city that has sea, forest, lush nature, waterfalls and lakes and everything that is beautiful. You will find the most beautiful villages and lush cities in Iran. You will find places like Javaherdeh, Dalkhani forests, Safarood and many more here. You will find the biggest cable car in Iran, the cable car that runs over the lush forests in Mazandaran. Watching abandoned herd of horses in gorgeous green plains in a foggy air can be the most beautiful scene in Iran.
Tehran- Azadi Tower

The best and most beautiful city in Iran for life

If you were asked which city is the most beautiful in Iran to live in, what would you answer? Let's answer this question according to global statistics. The United Nations has ranked Tabriz as the number one city with many factors in mind. It has the first place as the most beautiful city in Iran, both for living and traveling to, a city with mosques, squares, parks, clean climates, thriving markets and great local dishes that is perfect for living. Mean while most of the European tourists also love the city because of its climate. After Tabriz, Iran's five beautiful cities for living are as following. It is said that the standard of living in these cities of Iran is higher than in other cities Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qom, Urmia  


The most beautiful city in tourist’s opinion

If you assess the opinions of foreign travelers to Iran in some websites like Tripadvisor, you’ll find the name of Shiraz as the most beautiful city in this country. Certainly all Iranians agree that one of the most beautiful cities in Iran is Shiraz. But if you go to other sites, you will find new names at top of the list of beautiful cities in Iran. CNN news site has published a list of Iran's most beautiful areas. In this list, the first rank is assigned to Ali-Qapu in Isfahan. Subsequently, the most beautiful cities of Iran are listed respectively. Iran's most beautiful attractions that each is placed in the most beautiful cities of Iran are listed as well. You can read their names by the number in the table below.

Iran's most beautiful attractions

[getattraction ids="6226,8028,3230,2744,6533,7814,8083,8060,7802,6508,8076,3254,8443,8132,8450,6206,6250,1824,6257,6486,6514,8168,8049,6221,6476"]

Other attractions

  • Carpet weaving workshop in Shiraz
  • Wuthering mansion in Tehran
  • Forogh Al-Molk house in Shiraz
  • Kordasht bath in Jolfa
  • see more
Shiraz-Quran Gate
You can introduce these cases to foreign tourists as the most beautiful cities of Iran and the most beautiful attractions of Iran of course. You can also add to this list and introduce other attractions. Name Iran's most beautiful places in the west, east, north, south and center of Iran. What cities in north of Iran are included and which one can be called the most beautiful cities in Iran? The north of the country should not be forgotten. Even the most beautiful province in Iran can be identified.  

Where is the most beautiful city in Iran in terms of the nature?

Speaking of nature and we remember the northern cities of Iran. Ramsar is most beautiful city by nature. However, as the author of this article, I consider Rasht the most beautiful city in north of Iran because it's a city with wetlands, water canals and beautiful architecture.

What are the strange cities in Iran?

If you are looking for a list of strange cities in Iran, you will find many names. Cities like Makhunik, Little Adam's Town, Isfarain because of their many blinds, Paveh because of the lack of red lights and many others.
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