The Mountains of Iran

The Mountains of Iran

Introduction of the mountains in Iran

Have you ever think about the numbers of mountains in Iran? In this article of Travital, we’re going to introduce you the 40 tallest peaks in Iran. Iran's geographical location is between the two mountain ranges, the Zagros and the Alborz, and as a result, in this region, we see high peaks. Climbers and rock climbers of our beloved country have climbed all the peaks of Iran and it can be said that all the peaks of Iran have been conquered. In the list below, we will introduce you some of the peaks of Iran.
Damavand Mountain

Damavand, the highest peak in Iran with a height of 5625 meters

The highest peak in Iran has been with twenty ascent routes (ridges, valleys and glaciers) which has become a symbol of Iran and especially Tehran. Many cities have been written for this beautiful mountain and even in ancient legends its name has been mentioned. Ferdosi's Shahnameh is one of the books that have mentioned Damavand. Steam and sulfur can still be seen at the top of the mountain. Every year, especially in hot season the climbs to this peak increase. In 1997, due to environmental reasons, climbing Damavand peak was banned.
Flowers around Damavand Mountain

Iran's peaks with height of between 4,000 and 5,000 meters

Khersans in Alam Kooh Mountain with height of 4700 and 4750 meters There are two famous peaks, hard climbing, rocky and falling in Alamkooh. Between these two peaks, is called the ruins of the mountain because it is one of the most difficult passages in this part.
Alamkooh Mountain
Takht e Soleiman with height of 4650 meters It is a magnificent peak with a mythical name that is located near Alamkooh and near Taleghan. Many of Iran's peaks are famous in the northwest of the country, like Takht-e Soleiman, it is one of the most popular peaks to climb.
Takht e Soleiman Mountain
Azadkooh with height of 4385 meters It is one of the peaks near Tehran that many groups are sent to this peak by mountaineering clubs. You can easily climb this peak in summer. Khalno with height of 4383 meters Another peak in Iran that requires sufficient skills and technical equipment to climb is Khalno Peak in the middle of the Alborz Central mountain range in Tehran province. Polvar Mountain with height of 4350 meters As its name suggests, this mountain is considered as a bridge between Kerman city and Shahdad desert. The people of Kerman also call it Plovar Koohi or Damavand Kerman. This peak is located between Mahan and Shahdad.
Dena Mountain
Dena Mountain with height of 4330 meters Many mountaineering groups go to Kohkilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces every year to climb the peaks of Iran in the Dena mountain range, especially the Hoz Dena peak. It will be easy to climb in hot seasons. Palon Gardan Peak with 4250 meters height Another peak in Iran which is located in the central Alborz mountain range and on the route of Khalno, Sineza and Narges peaks. In the summer, you can climb this peak through mountaineering clubs. Do Khahar with a height of 4250 meters The Peaks of Do Khahar are two high peaks in the central Alborz region, one on the west side of Damavand and the other on the east side of Chapkaro Peak. Divchal and Avider with height of 4250 meters Climbing this peak is very difficult among the peaks of Iran and requires sufficient physical condition and professional equipment with high experience.
Dobarar Mountain
Dobarar or Qaradagh peak with height of 4200 meters Two adjacent peaks called Dobarar (meaning two brothers) are located in the area between Haraz Road and Firoozkooh. Choopan with height of 4150 meters It is one of the three-horned peaks with a rocky ridge that many climbers have climbed in Mahan, Kerman and the whole country. This peak is located near Mahan. Dozardeh with a height of 4150 meters It is one of the peaks of Zardkooh in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, which is less climbed. Fortunately, this peak is still pristine among Iran's peaks. Chapkaro with height of 4091 meters It is one of the peaks of Iran that is very difficult to climb. Alaneh Sar with height of 4072 meters Alaneh Sar Mountain is located in Alamkooh Mountain range and in Dalir region. Tezarjan with height of 4010 meters Tarzjan is a snowy peak even in summer which is used by the locals as a snow house. This peak is located next to Yazd Mountain the Shirkooh

The peaks of Iran with heights between 3,000 and 4,000 meters

Apart from the mountains and peaks of Iran mentioned in this article, there are definitely other valuable mountains in Iran that climbing each of them requires its own ability. If you have any experience of climbing in Iran please share it with us. Thanks for reading this article.
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