Travel guide to south of Iran

Travel guide to south of Iran

A journey to south of Iran, Dezful to Chabaher

In this article of Travital we’re going to introduce you some destinations and targets in south of Iran and also give you some information about the sight and attractions, access ways and good accommodations you need to know, so we strongly recommend you to join us in this article. Note: this is a complete program of travelling and if you have short time you simply can ignore some of the targets.

Dezful, the first target

The old bridge of Dezful

The bridge of Dezful is one of the oldest constructs of this city and with more than 17 centuries archaism is considered as the oldest strong bridge in the world. Address: on Dez River, Dezful, Khuzestan

Dezful water constructs

The Dezful city for being located in margin of Dez River has amny great ancient constructs. These constructs include water mills, aqueducts, baths, etc, which are reminiscent of the glorious dominions in past centuries.

The ancient texture of Dezful

This city with 5000 years archaism and 244 hectares space is one of the most important cities in country which has a custom texture aside the Dez River. This texture is devided in to 28 neighborhoods units furthermore it’s one of the most ancient texture in Iran. Address: the margin of Dez River, Dezful, Khuzestan

The old Bazaar of Dezful

It would be a pity if you came here and not t go to this bazaar. The old bazaar of Dezful is one of the custom bazaars in Khuzestan province with 10 centuries archaism. It has long been a place of production and sale of handicrafts and artworks of the city. You can either purchase the popular cookies of Dezful in this bazaar. Address: Imam Khomeini Sq, Dezful, Khuzestan

The natural sights of Dezful city;

The great Dez River, Shuy Waterfall and Pamenar Village and…

Shush and Shushtar

Haft Tappeh

Well, after the ancient Dezful city, it’s time to visit the spectacular and historic city, the Shush, that we suggest you to visit Haft Tappeh museum first in it. The Haft Tappeh museum is located near the Haft Tappeh ancient area. The Ilami Tomb in here with the world’s first crescent vault has actually a very great archaism.


Shush has great historical attractions and Choghaznebil Historical Complex is one of them that we suggest you to go there first of all. Choghaznebil is actually a Ziggurat built during the reign of Ontash Gall, the King of Ilami. The monument and the works inside it are some of the most amazing monuments in the world. This monument has about 30 kilometer distance with Shush and you should pass the Shush-Ahvaz road in order to visit it. Address: the 40th kilometers of southeast Shush, Khuzestan province Shush Castle or Acropolis After visiting these two regions in Shush you’ve must goy tired, so we recommend you to go to this city’s restaurants and have your lunch as you wish and then go to visit the Shush Castle. The French "Jean-Marie Jacques de Morgan" came to Shush in 1987 for researching. For hosting him and his companions and keeping after Shush Fortress, the construction of this castle started. The highest point of the Shush hills, the Acropolis, was selected and a castle was built on it shaped like medieval and trapezoidal castles.

The Daniel Prophet Shrine

If you’d have enough energy and time we strongly suggest you not to miss the Daniel Prophet Shrine. The Daniel Prophet was captured by the Babylonians in the 7th century BS and is one of the most famous faces in the city. The tomb of Daniel Prophet was built by the Shavur River and attracts many pilgrims from all over the world every year. Address: Imam Khumeini St, Shush, Khuzestan Province

Shushtar City

According to the fact that this city is located n a very short distance of Shush city, it is highly recommended that visit this city as well. It is important to know that Shushtar is one of the oldest cities of Iran and Khuzestan province with many attractions and attracts many tourists every year.

Shushtar water constructs

Here is one of the biggest industrial complexes in Iran which was built before the Industrial Revolution. The archaism of this construct returns to the Achaemenid period and the important point about it is that it has been registered by the UNESCO as a masterpiece of ingenuity and creativity. Address: Shariati St, Shushtar, Khuzestan province

Dariyon River

The other attraction we suggest you is Dariyon River which its archaism is related to Achaemenid Darius about 5th century BC.

Khan Garden in Shushtar

This garden is related to Qajar period, located on 1 kilometer distance to the historical area of Shushtar and in west of Rudgar part. Address: Sadat St, Shushtar, Khuzestan

Ahvaz, the third destination

This city has many spectacular sights and one of them is Karun River. In order to stay in this city you can choose Pars Hotel and for having a tour we recommend following cases.

Kaveh Bazaar

This bazaar is one of the historic places in this city that you can pass one hour in it, of course another bazaar named Imam Bazaar is located near this bazaar as well.

Karun River

The best thing you can do in this city is walking along the Karun River, having some speech with Ahvaz people that almost pass nights in there. We suggest you to stay only one night in Ahvaz and after that go Abadan. You can either visit Segush University, Railway Sq and Surt Masrup Church in Ahvaz.

Abadan and Khoramshahr

The first thing you must do in Abadan after visiting Kenz mall and Kaboli Bridge is to go to Akbar Brazilian to eat the popular Abadan Falafel. It’s necessary to say the cost in this city is quite economic and you can stay in a good accommodation with a low price. The distance from Shush to Abadan is about 120 kilometers and takes 1 hour and a half.

Kenz Al-mall

It’s a great mall in free region of Arvand with 400 parts and high variety.

Cable Bridge

This Bridge is in fact the first bridge on land in the world which is placed in Farhangian neighborhood and has 20 minutes distance to Kanz mall.

Akbar Brazili Falafel

Falafel is a sandwich which is very famous in Abadan. This Falafel sandwich bar is located near the Kaboli Bridge.

Shadgan Port

After 4 or 5 hour driving, you will reach to Shadgan Port. This port is very beautiful and you can have good and fun time here.


After 2 hours driving you’ll get here in Deylam port. This port has a warm and humid climate in spring and is actually the best place in order to enjoy the beautiful Persian Gulf coast line.

Gonaveh Port

In the middle of the way to Bushehr there’s another port named Gonaveh and if the weather condition would be good you can stay there as well.

Siraf Port

This port is located on 245 kilometers of east south of the Bushehr and between Kangan and Asaluyeh ports. This port has lots of attractions and shopping malls you can go and enjoy shopping and sights.

Bushehr , the 8th destination

The distance between Abadan and Bushehr is about 550 kilometers and that’s why we recommended you to stay in Bushehr for one night. When you get to Bushehr, first go to Kolah Farangi Mansion and naval museum, then go to old Bazaar and get some rest. If you’re going to stay in this city you can go to Malek Mansin as well.

Kish Island

This island has a more distance in the way you’re passing, about 680 kilometers. Kish Island alone is a world of attractions so we suggest you not to be in hurry to pass this point.

Gheshm Island

This Island is the biggest and the most known Island in Iran which is put in Hormozgan province. This island has a great nature and a history related to Sassanid dynasty period. This island is also the biggest island of Hormoz channel and is adjacent to Abbas port. Laaft Village In journey to Gheshm which is full of wonders, attractions like this village shouldn’t be forgotten. This village has many historic and nature attractions and located in margin of Persian Gulf. The architecture of houses in here is very special.

Dagahan Bazaar in Gheshm

Here is one of the best shopping centers in Gheshm and you can find anything you need in this Bazaar. Address: Enghelab Sq, Dargahan, Gheshm

Hengam Island

There’s another wondering Island near the Gheshm and it’s a pity if you ignore it. This island is one of the most spectacular regions in Persian Gulf area and it even hosts dolphins in some seasons of year. Address: Hengan Island, 2 kilometers of south of Gheshm, Hormozgan province

Hormoz Island

in this island you have the opportunity of seeing eatable red soil and more than 70 other colorful minerals, not to be found anywhere in the world. Water sports and entertainments are provided at beach as well.

The attractions of Hormoz Port

Khezr Prophet’s foothold, Bibi Gol Castel ruins, Tir Andaz Tower, Portuguese Castle, Moraghebeh Cave, Rainbow Valeey, Statue Valley, Tears Flat, Mangru Jungles and etc…

Nad Aliyan Museum

Here is one of the attractions of this port you’ve never should ignore it. Dr Nadiayan is not basically from Hormoz but he has established a museum by buying an abandoned house. He has painted the walls ended to the museum with help of children and artists and this can lead the tourists to the museum and alleys are turned to a kind of museum as well. He also has collected colorful soils of the island and you can see all types of colorful soils existed in the port.

Bandar Abbas

Autumn and winter are the suitable season for travelling to south of Iran. The good climate, various attractions, clean waters of Persian Gulf and nice behavior people are just some of the good reasons tell us you shouldn’t forgotten to go to Bandar Abbas. The attractions of here are include; Galeh Dari Mosque and Bath, Fin Castle and Kolah Farangi, Latidan Bridge, Rain ponds and you can either go to Iran Port and watch the boundless blue of sea In order to reside in this city you can go to Homa 5-star hotel, Atilar 4-star hotel or Iran 3-star hotel.

Langeh Port

Whenever you get to Bandar Abbass we suggest you to go Langeh Port which is popular as the bride of south ports in Iran. This city’s name is registered in list of national heritages of Iran for its mosques and ponds. Including attractions of here we can mention are; Malek Ebn-e Abbas Mosque, Afghan Mosque, Khodadad Mosque, Lashtan Castle, Maghvieh Castle, The Badun warm fountains, Asak warm water and Darya Dolat Pond.

Chabahar Port

Finally we are at the last destination! Chabahar is located in Sistan and Baluchestan province, the always spring region in Iran with unique tourist attractions. The distance between Bandar Abbas and Sistan Baluchestan is about 700 kilometers, almost 9 hours. According to the long distance you must pass, try to stay at least two nights in here. Lipar 4-star hotel, Laleh hotel or Venus hotel are some of the good options for you to reside in. Miniature Mountains, Govatr Port, Gol Afshan, Elf’s Cemetery, Lipar pink Lake and Ban Masiti Caves are some of the great attractions of Chabahar. Address: Ferdosi St, Imam Khomeini Blvd, Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan  
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