Travel to these regions to see the nomads

Travel to these regions to see the nomads

Iranian Tribes

Life of nomadic people is entangled with migration. They go on a journey 2 times a year and they travel through mountains and experience the hardship to crossing valleys, rivers and mountains to find a better atmosphere and place to live. In the past, the population of nomad was more but they gradually started to settle in one place. Although they are still some nomad people who are loyal to their way of life and their simple and intimate lifestyle in different parts of Iran. If you want to know where you could find nomads, keep up with us on Travital.      

For seeing Qashqaei tribe, go to the Fars province

In Qashqaei, there is a mix of tribes with Lur, Kordish, Arabic, and Turkish roots and although their main place of living is the Fars province, some of them live in Kohkilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari, Khoozestan (Haftkal), Isfahan and etc. This tribe is one the most populous tribes and their people speak with sweet Qashqaei Turkish language. Seeing the lives of these nomads and getting to know their culture and customs is a good and enjoyable experience, they are happy people who care a lot about music, and drinking a lot of tea and hookah is their usual habit. Read also: Ultimate Guide for traveling to Shiraz and The best traditional residences of Shiraz    

For seeing the Shahsavan tribe, go to Azerbaijan

The Shahsavan tribe live in parts of northwest Iran especially Dasht e Moghan, Urmia and Ardebil. The matter that distinguishes Shahsavan tribe from other nomads in Iran, is their way of life, their cultural specifications and especially their hemispherical arbors. They live in arbor and Koomeh and we could say that arbor is one of the characteristics of Shahsavan that is built like a hemispherical tent. Koomeh is also described as a corridor tent and it is smaller than arbor. Nowadays Shahsavan nomads live not only in Iran, but also live in Azerbaijan Republic, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir. Shahsavans use animal products such as wool to make handicrafts producing works that show their pure art and zest nature, the life in the pristine nature.    

For seeing Bakhtiari nomads, go to southwest of Iran

The Bakhtiari nomads live in Chahar mahal va Bakhtiari, Khoozestan, Lorestan, Kohkilooyeh va Boyerahmad and Isfahan provinces and they speak with Bakhtiari dialect which is a dialect from Luri language. Although many of these tribes have been settled for many years, some of them still do not forget the long-standing tradition of nomads and spend the winter in the eastern plains of Khoozestan and summer in the west of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari.
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