Where to eat the best and the most delicious Dizy in Tehran

Where to eat the best and the most delicious Dizy in Tehran
Famous Dizy restaurants of Tehran Broth or Dizy is one of the traditional and delicious Iranian foods that still retains its high status despite the popularity of Western and fast food. No matter how much you love pizza, hamburger and steak, you still know that nothing can replace a tasty, stuffed Dizy with fresh Sangak bread, pickles, yogurt, olives, and more! From there Dizy has many fans, so we decided to introduce you to the best Dizy Restaurants in Tehran. If you crave a delicious, fatty Dizy on a Friday or a holiday, you can go to these places to eat the best Dizy in Tehran. Continue along with Travital.

Azerbaijan Dizy Restaurant

Well, we need to start by introducing the best Dizy of Tehran from one of the oldest and most famous Dizy restaurants of Tehran which is considered pioneering in this business. The Azerbaijan Dizy Restaurant is located in the south of Tehran and near the Railway Square with an old and traditional decoration and is one of the best Dizy Restaurants in Tehran. The restaurant's traditional and pleasant setting, decorations and old objects hanging on the walls and with the restaurant's good and professional demeanor staff and of course, delicious Dizy have made this restaurant a prime destination for many lovers of Dizy and Broth. The restaurant also has a tea and shisha service that you can order if you are interested after eating a delicious Dizy . Of course, don't forget that since this Dizy Service is so popular, it is always very busy, especially on holidays and you have to go a little early to find an empty seat. Address: No. 30 Azerbaijan Dizy Restaurant,Opposite District 4 Municipality, Begining of Valiasr Street, Rah Ahan Square Azerbaijan Dizy Restaurant

Iranshahr Dizy Restaurant

Another of the best Dizy in Tehran is located on Iranshahr Street. This Dizy Restaurant has gained popularity and many people come to this place from near and far parts of Tehran to eat delicious Dizy. The decoration and ambience of this restaurant are both traditional and full of murals of Shahnameh and Thousand and One Nights. The Dizys of this restaurant are served in stone dishes and they bring you a whole bunch of trimmings like yogurt, pickles, olives and more. Of course, this is not an optional service, and with every Dizy they will be served and at the end you will be charged. So wait for a relatively high bill. However, Dizy's good quality and the traditional atmosphere of the restaurant have attracted a lot of fans and there is always a long queue in front of the restaurant. Address: Iranshahr Dizy Restaurant, Azeri Street, Iranshahr Street, Karimkhan Street Iranshahr Dizy Restaurant

Tarasht Dizy Restaurant

The next item on the list of best Tehran Dizy restaurants is a nice and cozy Restaurant which is run by a Luty man called Mr. Naser. Mr. Naser Ghahramani is a big fan of the famous actor of old Iranian movies Mr. Naser Malek Motiei and you could see images and posters of this actor and also old Tehran photos on the doors and walls of the restaurant. Even the behavior and tone of Mr. Naser reminds you of the old farsi movies. This restaurant has a somewhat masculine atmosphere hence maybe some women do not like it and there is a poster on the wall that says in this restaurant these are forbidden: I don't eat, I can't, I'm full and we eat one Dizy together. The price of Dizys in this restaurant is reasonable and good considering the hearty and delectable taste of Dizy. Address: Tarasht Dizy Restaurant, Next to Bozorg Hossenieh, End of the Akbari Alley, North Tarasht Junction, Shahid Salehi Street, North Side of the Azadi Square Tarasht Dizy Restaurant

Tilit Restaurant

If you like Dizy, but want to enjoy it in a modern setting, go to Tilit Restaurant. The restaurant, as its name implies, specializes in cooking Dizys and, despite modern decoration, serves Dizys in traditional and earthenware dishes. Of course, being a modern one finally shows itself and the difference is in the restaurant menu: Nuts Dizy, Pepper Dizy, Bozbash Dizy , Defatted Dizy, Saffron Dizy and even Vegetarian Dizy (!) are among different Dizy innovations and types. All dizys are served with a variety of pickles and with tea and candy after meals. The staff approach is very professional and courteous, which is why families wanting Dizy in a stylish and modern environment choose the Tilit Restaurant. Of course, since this restaurant is very popular, be sure to book on your holidays in advance. Remember that the price range of this restaurant is high and Tilit is classified as expensive and luxury restaurant. Address: Tilit Dizy Restaurant, No. 194, Mesbah Alley, Opposite Manoochehri Street, North Saadi Avenue Tilit Restaurant

Dizy Bar Restaurant

Another famous Dizy restaurant in Tehran is a very stylish and modern restaurant called Dizi Bar located on Mulla Sadra Street. Set aside any imagery of a traditional Dizy restaurant in your mind. Because you will see a very stylish and modern restaurant. The restaurant offers a variety of Dizys and hookahs with a modern and luxurious design. Of course, as you can guess, the prices of this stylish restaurant are not cheap at all and are among the expensive restaurants. The menu of this restaurant is very interesting and includes traditional Dizy, Indian Dizy, Neck Dizy, Font Dizy, Luxury Dizy, Low Fat Diet Dizy and more. In addition to Dizy, you can also order Tabrizi Meatballs, a variety of Dolme eggplant, Vegetables and pepper, eggplant and Curd and Mirzagasmi. Address: Dizi Bar Restaurant, Opposite Baghiyatallah Hospital, After Sheikh Bahaei Street, Mulla Sadra Street, Vanak Square Dizy Bar Restaurant

Dizy Bar Atish Restaurant

Dizy Bar Atish has become one of the most famous Dizy in Tehran in recent years with its traditional and pleasant decoration and delicious, delectable and full of meat Dizys. Dizys are served in traditional pottery, and Dizy is usually served with a variety of pickles, yogurt, salads, fresh herbs and sangak bread and, of course, delicious and hearty diluted yogurt. The Dizys of this restaurant are very tasty and the polite and friendly staff and their best quality of service has made it possible for many to come to this place to eat. Located in Tajrish Square, Maghsoudbek Street, you could easily find a parking spot in the area. Address: Dizy Bar, Atish No. 82, Opposite the exit of the Hemmat Parking, Amir Ebrahim Darbandi Street (known as Maghsoudbeik before), Tajrish Square Dizy Bar Atish Restaurant

Dizy Land

Dizi Land Restaurant, which reminds most people of Disney's famous landmarks, is another of the famous Dizi houses in Tehran.Located on Shariati Street, Zafar junction Dizy Land offers two types of stone Dizy (formal stone Dizy and ordinary Dizy stone) to its customers. The interior of this restaurant are decorated in a traditional style and the dizys are served with bread, vegetables, local yogurt and pickles. Of course, the restaurant also serves up dishes other than Dizy , such as meatballs, eggplant and curd, kebabs, but Dizy Land is famous for its tasty and delicious Dizys. Address: Dizy Land Restaurant, No. 17, Rahian Street, Gooy Abadi Street, Zafar Street, Shariati Street Dizy Land

Mr. Dizy

The Mr. Dizy Restaurant is different from all Dizy Restaurants, however, because of its delicious and high quality Dizys, it is listed here. When you look at this restaurant you think that you are facing a fast food restaurant rather than a Dizy restaurant and the motto of this restaurant is: The first Iranian fast food restaurant! The modern decor and chic dishes offered at this restaurant give you a whole new experience of dizy eating that may be of interest to many. However, if you are a fan of traditional and old-fashioned Dizy restaurants, you will probably not like the décor and atmosphere of this restaurant. On the other hand, the Dizy of this restaurant are not too fatty and oily and we are faced with the healthy types of the dizys. However, this chain restaurant is becoming more and more popular with its various branches in Tehran and other cities. Some of Mr. Dizy's favorite branches include Park Mellat Branch, Sattarkhan Branch, Valiasr Square Branch, and Qeitariyeh Branch.
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