Get Introduced with Chamran Hotel in Shiraz

Get Introduced with Chamran Hotel in Shiraz

Chamran hotel, the highest hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz was capital of Iran once and main destination for tourists. Today it’s not capital any more but it’s still the destination of Iranian and foreign tourists. When you’re passing the Quran gate, you see Chamran hotel by your side. Less people know Shiraz with a river in it and Isfahan is mostly known like this; but this hotel is located next to a river in a garden way which is very spectacular. In this article we introduce you luxury Chamran 5-star hotel and tell you about special features and facilities that separates this hotel from others.

The history of Chamran hotel in Shiraz

However this city is ancient, this hotel is not! The luxury modern building was opened in 2000 on slopes of the mountains. The rooms and places like restaurant have a great view of Shiraz streets, gardens and mountains. It has 30 floors with the greatest services to Iranian and foreign guests.

The facilities and services in hotel

After entering to the hotel and doing reception, you’ll receive smart card. Getting rooms starts at 2 p.m. and you should give it back before 12 a.m. Those who stay more than 12 a.m. should pay half for another night. Internet with unlimited bulk is available in public places and rooms. If you need to airport transfer, you should coordinate with reception before that and pay for it.

Introduction of Chamran hotel’s rooms

Just like other 5-star hotels, these hotel’s rooms are separated with the kind of beds as well. However except beds, other services are the same. Several single, double and double suits could be separated among 250 rooms in hotel. The view of each room is different with mountain or garden. Most of the rooms of course, have the city view that is really spectacular. The elevator leads the guests to their rooms in top floor. The rooms start from second floor to up therefore people experience free and beautiful views in their rooms. There are also 500 beds in this hotel.

Facilities of rooms

There are two red and green button next to the bed. If you press the red one you express the statement (do not disturb) for daily cleaning and if you press the green one means you need urgent cleaning. These buttons prevent the guests to have unnecessary calls with hotel reception. Other services of hotel are; desk, sofa, lampshade, dresser, internet, photocopy and fax, taxi service, room service, tea maker, free hygiene tools, printer, 24 hour reception, free breakfast, safe box, flush toilet, net cafe, mineral water, TV, luggage room, prayer room.

All the comfort and entertaining facilities in Chamran hotel

On first and second floors of hotel, there are kinds of mall with needs of guests. There are different kinds of shops or even make up or barber salons. You have to pay for swimming pool or Jacuzzi and coordinate it with reception. There’s also a gym with modern equipment and it has separated coffee shop in it. In this complex there are facilities like computer game rooms, net cafe, playing room for kids, Italian restaurant, fast food, and coffee shop. The hotel is very close to all these facilities and all the places are very clean and equipped.

Restaurants of this hotel

This hotel has 4 different restaurant for guests and we should add a coffee shop and a dinning salon as well.

Melal restaurant for breakfast

The guests who entered from last night, will have a free breakfast in this restaurant. It’s on third floor with 300 square meters space. It has another salon in balcony for serving international food.

Italian restaurant

If you’re interested in Italian food, enjoy having different types of pasta and pizza in this restaurant. It’s located on 25th floor with a great view of whole city.

Barbod restaurant, the place of poems

Performing live music has created a happy atmosphere. You’ll have different types of traditional Iranian food in negative first floor.

Panorama restaurant in height

Don’t you know what to eat? Go to this restaurant on 24th floor then and you’ll see lots of Iranian and international food on its menu. There’s also a coffee shop one floor lower with warm drinks.

Special fast food of Chamran hotel

It’s one of the most famous fast foods in Shiraz with different types of burgers and frying food.

Italian coffee shop

It’s located in lobby and serves drinks, cake and ice cream.

Ceremonies salon

It’s on 21th and 22th floors with 800 square meters space.  

The distance of the hotel to sights of Shiraz

This hotel has gotten its name from Chamran boulevard which is located on it. If you’re going to walk you can go to garden restaurants around the hotel and if you’re going to shopping, don’t lose shopping centers around you.
  • Tomb of Hafez ; 7 and half kilometres distance
  • Mola sadra street; 4/2 kilometres distance and you’ll be able to go to famous gardens in Shiraz like Eram garden and Afif Abad garden
  • Lotf Ali Khan e Zand street; about 9 kilometres distance
  • Bus terminal; 10/5 kilometres distance
  • Train station; 17/2 kilometres distance or 20 minutes driving
  • Subway station is very close to hotel on Kuhsar street

Hotel tours

If you’re interested to see the attractions of Shiraz, we suggest you to buy special tour of hotel for one day and half with reception by ice cream, traditional sweats and paying the entrances. In this tour you will see; Eram garden, tomb of Hafez, Tomb of Saadi, Quran gate, Pars museum, Karim Khan Arg, Zinat ol Moluk house, Persepolis, Naqsh e Rostam, Narenjestan garden

Hotel address

Kuhsar street, before Ordibehesht hospital, Chamran boulevard, Shiraz  

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At last if you’re going to travel to Shiraz and want to stay in a 5-star hotel Chamran hotel could be an appropriate choice. You can easily book it right here in Travital. Have you ever had any experience of staying in this hotel? Share it with us in a comment please.  
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